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Nataliya Petriv

Meet Nataliya.

Major: International Business and Marketing
Minor/Certificates: Sales
Preferred pronouns: She/her/hers

"My first college-level global opportunity was AIESEC in Sibiu, Romania for six weeks. I was volunteering and teaching Romanian students english with other volunteers from all over the world. My second experience was through CIS it was a semester in Barcelona and I was studying business at UAB.

I was born in Ukraine and traveled to Moscow, Russia when I was eight with my family. I have been to Cananda and Mexico with my family. When I was doing my volunteer trip in Romania I went to Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria at the end with other volunteers. During my study broad trip in Spain I went to London, Amsterdam, Porto, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Capri, Florence, and Budapest."

What advice would you give a student who is interested in a global program?

"To do it for yourself and go to the place you have been dreaming of even if no one else is going to do it with you. That is what I did even when everyone else bailed and it was the best decision I could have done for myself."

What is the most interesting/different/memorable food you've eaten during your travels?

" Duck liver in Basque country in Spain and Snails in France"

What is one of your favorite memories from your global program? 

" Going to Basque country with the people in my program and learning a lot about the culture while trying some of the best food in the world and getting to spend time with my new friends."

Nataliya and her friend by the ocean Landscape image of a city from a hillside at dusk





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