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Leadership Outcomes

Global Leadership Center


The GLC engages students in four internationally-focused team-based leadership projects over the course of two years. Our students are exposed to and develop those leadership skills demanded by an increasingly globalized world. In addition to reading and lecturing, students are engaged in an active learning environment that encourages the development and advancement of leadership skills.

By the end of the program, our students gain a set of core competiencies to function as global leaders in their respective fields. Students gain an increased appreciation for diversity and the exciting global work environment. They appreciate and understand the role of social responsibilities, global political, religious and cultural issues and are cognizant of current international events. Our students have an increased desire to travel, experience other cultures and understand all walks of life.

The skills GLC students gain are applicable to any professional field they choose. After four international projects they will improve their critical thinking ability, will be able to apply information to concrete, real-world situations, and work in a team setting. These projects allow the students to collaborate cross-culturally and internationally, enhance their presentation skills and gain scholarly research skills.

Added Benefits

Since the GLC is an interdisciplinary non-traditional style of learning, our students grow professionally and personally through practical experiences. Our students walk out with a tolerance for ambiguity, an ability to engage with complexity, a new sense of professionalism and confidence, and improved time-management. Each project revolves around creativity, team-work and goal setting. Their new found appreciation for diversity and a willingness to take risks manifest in a holistic, multidisciplinary, integrated approach to problems locally or across the world.








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