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African Health Initiative


Established in 2009, the African Health initiative is a continuation of the organized effort and commitment by the African Studies Program to understand health and health related issues within the African continent. The main objective of this initiative is to understand and improve the health status of African populations through a wide range of activities including research, capacity building, dialogue as well as advocacy for better health among African populations. The initiative attempts to involve faculty and graduate students from various disciplines including health sciences, medicine, communications, education, international studies, social sciences and others who are involved in research and other African health related activities. The Africa Health Initiative welcomes the participation individuals and professionals who are involved in or who intend to be involved in various health or health related issues in the African continent.

Other African Health Activities at Ohio University

Graduate Studies/Courses

A number of courses related to African Health are offered by various programs at Ohio. Most of these courses are offered by the College of Health Sciences and Professions and by the Center for International Studies. For more information about the courses please contact the appropriate departments.


Every two years the African Studies Program organizes an African Health Summit.





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