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Degree Requirements


Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 48 total credit hours and a capstone project is needed to complete the program.

Capstone options include:

  1. Comprehensive written exam
  2. Professional Project
  3. Thesis

See below the list of required hours. Students entering with language proficiency may waive the language requirement.     

Program Requirements

  1. Core Courses (12 credits):
    1. Readings in African Studies, Dr. Negash, INST 5100 (4 credits)
    2. African Literature : Dr. Negash, ENG 7800 (4 credits)
    3. African History : Dr. Sarr, HIST 5410/5411 (4 credits)


  1. Language (6-12 credits):
    1. At least one year of an African language at OHIO: Akan, Arabic, Somali, Swahili and Wolof.
    2. ii.Through summer intensive language programs

Can be waived if already fluent in an African language.  See Dr. Negash for details.


  1. Social Science (6-8 credits)

Students take at least two courses from two different departments

  1. Anthropology: Dr. Diane Ciekawy
  2. Economics: Dr. Julia Paxton
  3. Education: Dr. Emmanuel Jean Francois
  4. Geography: Drs. Edna Wangui, Tom Smucker
  5. Health: Dr. Caroline Kingori
  6. History: Dr. Assan Sarr
  7. Political Science: Dr. Brandon Kendhammer


  1. Arts & Humanities (6-8 credits)

Students take at least two courses from two different departments

  1. Dance: Dr. Zelma Badu-Younge
  2. Communication: Drs. Jenny Nelson, Vibert Cambridge, Ben Bates
  3. Interdisciplinary Arts: Dr. Andrea Frohne
  4. Literature: Dr. Ghirmai Negash
  5. Media: Dr. Steve Howard
  6. Music: Dr. Paschal Younge
  7. Religion: Drs. Loren Lybarger, Aaron Glaim


  1. Research Methods (4 credits): Field Research in Africa, Dr. Steve Howard; or from your field of study; see Dr. Negash for additional options.
  2. Electives (8-12 credits): Students will take electives in disciplines of choice or their area of intellectual of professional interest. Electives provide the opportunity to pursue a field or specialization or may be used to complete a graduate certificate program. See Dr. Negash for details.

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