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OHIO Global Academy

The Global Academy programs are not operating this summer. This page will be updated with additional information soon.


Here is some information on previous OHIO Global Academy programs.

Know Ohio, Know the World

The Ohio Global Academy offers two experiential course modules.  Each two-week program explores the current challenges and opportunities shaping an increasingly interconnected world. These programs seek to engage participants to develop ideas and approaches for addressing the global and local fight against issues including poverty, inequality, and injustice.  The supportive although intense nature of the summer residency programs offer students a unique combination of lectures, discussions, training labs, community visits, and field trips, as well as English language support for non-native speakers.




Featuring a series of lectures and lab sessions led by Ohio University faculty, learn about the growing inequality in the Unites States, in addition to the six most important global challenges today: climate change, public health, terrorism, migration, urban poverty, and inequality.




Photo By: West Virginia Collection within the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.





Edible Appalachia_home page EDIBLE APPALACHIA

Come to Appalachia and the heart of Ohio to experience one of the most diverse and hyperlocal food scenes in North America. In a region internationally renowned for distinctive music and natural beauty, Appalachia boasts a deep unique culinary heritage with great food diversity. 










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