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Global Travel Fund

Administered by the University International Council, the Global Travel Fund supports the internationalization of Ohio University on all campuses through scholarly and creative endeavors by faculty.


  • Applicants must be Ohio University faculty (Tenure-Track and Instructional Faculty).
  • The Global Travel Fund supports international research, paper presentation, and other international scholarly or creative activities that are approved by the applicant's department or school and college, up to $750. Owing to budget limitations, priority will be given to those who are carrying out scholarly and creative activities internationally (such as participating in an international scholarly forum or conducting archival or field research overseas).

Application Materials

  • Application Form
  • A photocopy of ticket, receipt, travel website fare quote, or other documentation of the actual or estimated cost of your travel-related expenses (airfare, trains, car, boat, lodging, etc.) for your international trip.
  • Completed applications and questions should be sent to the Global Travel Fund Committee at


  • Fully completed applications are due no later than 4:00 p.m. on the due date for your submission Cycle.
  • Deadlines are firm and applications without required signatures and documentation will be disqualified.
  • If the deadline falls on a weekend, a university-observed holiday, or a day that the university has been closed due to an emergency, fully completed applications will be due the next business day by 4:00 p.m. to
    • Cycle I: May 1 --for travel starting in July or August
    • Cycle II: July 1 --for travel starting in September or October
    • Cycle III: September 1 --for travel starting in November or December
    • Cycle IV: November 1 --for travel starting in January or February
    • Cycle V: January 10 --for travel starting in March or April
    • Cycle VI: March 1 --for travel starting in May or June

Award Guidelines

  • When you submit your application please be sure:
    • all fields and checkboxes on the application form are completed;
    • all required signatures are included on the application form;
    • you have provided the required travel cost quote attachment;
    • you are applying by the deadline for the correct cycle. Your travel (not your conference) must begin within the dates of the period for which you apply – see the cycle dates and deadlines above.
  • Because of the number of applications received, any application that does not meet the four conditions listed above will be denied without exception.
  • Only one award can be received over a two-year period.
  • The Global Travel Fund Committee will provide notification to the applicant and the unit/department chair within two weeks of the deadline date.
  • Should travel plans be either changed or canceled entirely, you must inform the Global Travel Fund Committee immediately at Failure to keep the Committee apprised of any such changes or cancellations could bear negatively upon future Global Travel Fund applications.

University Policies for International Travel

  • University-sponsored travel should be booked according to guidelines found at These guidelines include information on:
    • Approval process prior to international travel
    • Information related to required use of university approved travel provider, Christopherson Business Travel (CBT). 
    • Links to COVID-related travel information
    • Links to travel-related university guidance
  • All OHIO employees should register their international travel in accordance with information found at
  • All OHIO employees are encouraged to sign up for International SOS travel alerts. Access to international health insurance is coordinated through International SOS. Learn more about all services they can provide here

How to Receive Awarded Funding

  • For all Global Travel Fund-supported travel, once the ticket has been purchased, you are required to send a copy of the receipt showing the exact cost to
  • Have your unit’s p-card administrator substantiate expenses in Concur up to your awarded amount with the account number provided on your award letter.
  • Should any questions about accounting or payment processing arise, please contact