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Peru Program Participants photo credit to Jiewin Li

Peru Clinics

May 18 - June 2, 2019: Lima, Peru

Directed by Dr. David Drozek, D.O.

Applications Now Open!

Applications due Feb. 1, early acceptance Dec. 1

Students will participate in "Brigades" or teams with CEDEINFA to provide medical care, conduct research and teach preventive health education in villages near Lima, Peru. CEDEINFA —(loosely translated —the Center for the Complete Development of Children and their Families) is a non-government, volunteer organization dedicated to providing medical, nutritional and educational care for children and families living in poverty in San Salvador, El Salvador and Lima, Peru. Students will provide care alongside volunteer medical professionals both from the U.S. and El Salvador (CEDEINFA), as well as other countries, including the host country of Peru.

Medical Students in Peru photo credit to Amy Buck Eligibility

Open to OHIO medical and health professions students in good academic and judicial standing (at least a 3.0 overall GPA for health professions).

Graduate students in other colleges are also encouraged to apply (e.g., Journalism, VisCom, and Education). Activities for these students would be developed on an individual basis.

Residents and practicing healthcare professionals are invited to participate.

Some fluency in Spanish is helpful but not required.

Earnest desire to learn about a different culture in poverty stricken areas.

Ability to tolerate lack of comforts common to Americans (heating, air conditioning, hot water, drinkable tap water, privacy, etc.)

Living Arrangements

Housing will be provided in a local church. Bedrooms will be shared dormitory style, separated by gender. There are separate restrooms and showers for men and women. Most breakfasts and evening meals will be prepared at the church. Food for lunch will be prepared and transported to the field. Some meals will be in restaurants selected by CEDEINFA. Internet access will not be available.

Program Participant Orientation Information and Itinerary

Watch the video below, narrated by the program director Dr. Dave Drozek to learn more about the program and itinerary. 

Peru 2019 Program Participant Information

Medical Students in Peru preparing meds for clinic photo by Jiewen Li Excursions

Students will travel to Ica, Peru where the multiple tourist attractions include sand dunes, buggy rides, the second driest desert in the world, and a cruise to the Ballestas Islands, known as "The Gallapagos of Peru".

Courses & Credits

  • OCOM8911 Clinical Elective (4 OHIO Credits)
  • NRSE4900 Special Topics in Nursing (3 OHIO Credits)
  • IHS4900 Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Health Studies (3 OHIO Credits))
  • IHS5900 Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Health Studies (3 OHIO Credits)
  • STDYPERU International Study Peru (0 (OHIO Credits)




*Non-resident surcharges waived for this program. 

Application Process

OHIO University Students:  Complete the  GOIS Online Program Application

  • Year three and four Heritage College medical students applying for faculty directed programs must also obtain and send a letter from your clinical education office confirming that you have permission to include the program in your schedule and that you are in good academic standing.
  • Academic and Judicial Checks: An academic and judicial check on all OHIO students is conducted before application and prior to departure.

Non-OHIO University students:  follow the  Non-Ohio Graduate or Undergraduate Instructions  to enroll as a non-degree student at Ohio University before you apply for the Botswana Healthcare Program.

Preceptors: Physicians and residents can download the preceptor application packet for instructions on how to participate in this program. If there are any questions, please contact the program director or the global health office

Post Nomination Checklist

Please refer to the  Global Health Program Checklist  for instructions on submitting additional information once you have been nominated for a program. This checklist also includes information on course registration for programs.

Funding Opportunities

Information on Peru


Health and Safety

Ohio University Office of Global Opportunities suggests you follow the recommendations of the  Centers for Disease Control  for healthy travel to your destination. Please familiarize yourself with these recommendations and requirements prior to applying to a program.

Refer to the  US State Department  site for information related to safety and security at this destination. Also refer to  International SOS  for information related to safety and security at this destination. To log in to the International SOS website, please use the OHIO membership IS: 11BCAS000010.

Entry and Exit Requirements

U.S. citizens are required to have a valid U.S. passport when traveling outside of the United States. If you plan to study or travel abroad in the next year,  apply for your passport now.

It is each student's individual responsibility to determine the entry and exit requirements specific to their personal situation. Some countries also require a visa to legally enter and reside in the country. The following information will hold true for most U.S. passport holders. U.S. citizens may need  a visa or other special documents to enter the country for the length of this program. Please also note that visa requirements may vary if you plan to stay in the country longer than the program dates, if you have recently visited the country, or if you plan to travel to other countries during or after the program. Please familiarize yourself with these recommendations and requirements prior to applying to a program in order to determine your appropriate course of action.

For more specific visa related information please visit OGO's  Visa Information Page.

Information for NON-US citizens can be found  here.

For more Information, please contact:
David Drozek, D.O.