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April 2019

Obianuju Eziolisa Blog on CFHI Global Health Elective Rotation - CapeCoast, Ghana

Stephen McNulty Blog on Global Health Elective Rotation - Angola 

March 2019

Center for Entrepreneurship Encourages Students to Foster Innovative Ideas

Meredith Decoy and Lindsey Matthew Blog on CFHI Global Health Elective Rotation - Dehradun, India

Keilah Ketron Blog on Restoration Gateway Global Health Rotation - Uganda

Kirsten Forkapa Blog on CFHI Global Health Elective Rotation - CapeCoast, Ghana

January 2019

Dana Maxwell Blog on RCSI Global Health Elective Rotation - Ireland

November 2018

International Education Week - Global Engagement Awards

October 2018

Egypt@OHIO program bids farewell to Fulbright Scholars, hopes to continue partnership

August 2018

Scholars from Egypt Creating Research Collaborations at OHIO

April 2018

Ohio to Host Scholars from Egypt

March 2018

Patrick Finnegan blog on Global Health Elective rotation with Royal Surgeon's College Ireland

January 2018

New Master of Global Health Degree Debuts

Ohio University Students selected to compete in international global health and innovation competition

Students Selected as Finalists in the 2017 Global Health Case Competition

Stephanie Deuley, Lacey Ruppert, Allison Gase Wernekinck, and Megan Zaworski blog on CFHI Global Health Rotation in India.

Lara Martinez blog on CFHI Global Health Rotation in Argentina

OHIO Student collaboration help children "stand" for health in Botswana

November 2017

Gala celebrates OHIO’s global story, includes first-ever Lifetime Achievement Awards

Hormonal Contraceptive Use and vitamin A deficiency among women in Tanzania

August 2017

OHIO’s Global Health Case Competition: Sharing solutions abroad and in Athens

June 2017

Don't reimpose Cuba restrictions President Trump:  Daniel Skinner (Opinion)

Nicole Joyner-Powell - Student Doctor of the Year Spotlight  - Recepient of the 2017 Global Health Award

May 2017

HSP Connect Magazine - Global Reach Edition

April 2017

Nicole Joyner-Powell - CFHI Philippines - Independent International Rotation Blog 

Katelyn Tondo-Steele - CFHI Cape Town, South Africa

November 2016

Gala celebrates OHIO's international efforts, honors its global chamnpions

Case Competition finalists prepare for Competition Day

August 2016

OHIO Students Promote Health Education in Botswana

June 2016

Annual Competition Awards Students A Trip to South America

April 2016

Students team with world experts to tackle deadly mosquito-spread diseases

March 2016

Heritage College Independent International Rotation Blogs:

Sarah Decker, Australia

Emily Herfel, Angola  

January 2016

Health Conference Addresses Immigrant/Migrant Care

November 2015

Ohio University wraps up third annual International Education Week

OHIO faculty, staff, alumni, students honored at global engagement awards ceremony (PHOTOS)

OHIO director, professor attends summit dedicated to global education reform

September 2015

Winners of the 2014 Global Health Case Competition Presented a World of Opportunities

IIP Student Spotlight: Using communication to raise awareness of a silent killer

August 2015

Global Health Case Competition Granted 1804 Funding

June 2015

How a Quest To Combat Malaria Moved from Student Concept to Business Plan

March/April 2015

Seven OHIO students awarded Gilman Scholarships to study abroad  - Compass, April 24

Field research mishaps:  Bugs, borders and broken trucks  - The Columbus Dispatch, April 12

CHSP Faculty member, student improve lives through innovation

Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Independent International Rotation blogs for Spring 2015:

February 2015

Two Heritage College Professors Write About Disasters in Field Research

OU-HCOM Professors Pen Book On Field Work