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The Global Health Case Competition is a unique opportunity for Ohio University undergraduate and graduate students from multiple disciplines to research global health issues and develop innovative solutions to global health challenges. The goal of this competition is to promote awareness of 21st century global health issues, introduce students to diverse factors that impact decision-making and encourage students from different disciplines to collaborate on solutions.

The Global Health Case Competition is sponsored by the College of Health Sciences and Professions and organized by the Ohio University Global Health Initiative.

Students can WIN a sponsored two-week trip to further research their team’s solutions with in-country partners.



2017 Winners

The 2017 Global Health Case Competition focused on marginalization and addiction in Hungary. Students had the option of selecting to focus on populations in Budapest or the Ormansag ethnocultural region.

Winning Team Egészségedre at Awards Ceremony

Winning Team Egészségedre with CHSP Dean, Dr. Randy Leite, Dr. Gillian Ice, Debra McBride, OHIO President Dr. Duane Nellis, team members: Emma Harvey, Biology; Brooke Mauro, Finance & Management; Dahlia Gordon, Nutrition & Dietetics;Gabriella Mayer, Audiology, and Dr. L.J. Edmonds, Dean and Vice President for Global Affairs and International Studies.

Their proposal addressed the rising rates of adolescent drug abuse in District 8 of Budapest by incorporating afterschool activities including healthy coping techniques, drug abuse education and youth empowerment to prevent drug use by building community and providing alternative options to drug use. They will travel to Hungary in June 2018 to further research the feasibility of their proposal.



Team Hot shots at Case Competition Awards Gala

Second place team Hotshots with CHSP Dean, Dr. Randy Leite, Dr. Gillian Ice, Debra McBride, OHIO President Dr. Duane Nellis, team members: Maria Cariot i, Business Administration; Joelle Hopkins, Applied Nutrition; Victoria Lewis, Public Health; and Hannah Britton, Journalism and Dr. L.J. Edmonds, Dean and Vice President for Global Affairs and International Studies.

The team proposed an innovative product, “the red box” that will accept used needles as payment and dispense a sterile needle in packaging with a condom. This method was selected to address the rise of sexually transmitted and other diseases (HIV and HEP C) among marginalized populations and drug users in Hungary. The team included a social media marketing campaign to inform the community about the benefits of the “Red Box” intervention.



Team Humanatees at Awards Gala

Third Place Team Humanatees with CHSP Dean, Dr. Randy Leite, Dr. Gillian Ice, Debra McBride, OHIO President Dr. Duane Nellis, team members: Kayla Swann, Political Science; Ryan Kline, History; Chloe Musick, Public Administration; and Ryan Orr, Recreation Management.

This team proposed a youth football league as a way to connect the Romani and Hungarian populations in Budapest to build community and reduce marginalization. Along with community building, the solution offered a safe alternative to drugs and promoted the health benefits of exercise and sport in relation to mental health and addiction.

More information on the International Education Week Awards Gala.



2016 Winners

The 2016 Case Competition focused on the negative impact of El Niño on resource-scarce neighborhoods in Paraguay and the people that live in them. In these neighborhoods, poor housing materials and lack of resilient city infrastructure against the increased rains and flooding has resulted in the displacement of 100,000 people, contamination of clean water and increased risk for vector-borne diseases.

Third Annual Case Competition promotes interdisciplinary problem solving and friendship

First Place

Proposed to reduce health risks in Bañado Sur in Paraguay by increasing health promotion awareness and reducing environmental risks by repurposing trash.

1st place 2016 competition

Fithi Embaye - Social Work
Ellen Haile - Political Science
Brenna Innocenzi - Exercise Physiology
Abby Young - Communication Studies

Second Place

Proposed to empower communities through innovative infrastructure, education, and social connectedness to mitigate food security and vector borne diseases in Compañía San Francisco.

2016 2nd place competition

Bonita Kalinga - Global Studies
Guillermo Gómez - Critical Studies in Educational Foundations
Belén Marco - Visual Communication
Ibrahim Huthman - Civil Engineering

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OHIO’s Global Health Case Competition: Sharing solutions abroad and in Athens

2015 Winners

The 2015 Case Competition participants were tasked with designing a multi-faceted approach to deal with the growing numbers of non-communicable diseases in Botswana. Read more about the competition and awards ceremony.

2015 case competition winners

First Place

Proposed a government internship program, mobile clinics and a media campaign that addresses both early detection and prevention of NCD's.

Kingsley Antwi-Boasiako - Media Arts and Studies
Kumba Gborie - Communication and Development
Kingsley Lims Nyarko - Film Studies
Keith Phetlhe - African Studies

Second Place

Proposed education as a multi-faceted preventative model to combat non-communicable diseases.

Camille Smith - African American Studies and Sociology
Kyra Hall - Communication Studies
Jared Roese - Business Marketing
Kira Remy - Journalism

2014 Winners

The focus of the 2014 Case Competition was ways to tackle the incidence of malaria and other vector-borne diseases in Guyana.

First Place

Employed a holistic approach that included the planting of Eucalyptus trees, carbon nanoparticles and a new study abroad trip that tackles infrastructure issues. Read about the team's experiences assessing their proposal in Guyana.

2014 competition first place

Katherine Clausen – Organizational Communication Studies
Seth Baker – Sociology
Morgan Stanley – Political Science
Noah Rosenblatt – Business Administration

The winning team from 2014 just keeps on winning. Read about their business venture and their win at the Ventures and Values Competition.

Second Place

Partner with a youth group in Guyana to teach about malaria and to train indigenous populations on how to make bed nets.

Tiffani Bauer – Media and Social Change
Clarinda Lyons – Communication Studies/Spanish
Elissa Prazer – Health Services Administration/Community Health Services
Jade Brannan – Exercise Physiology

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