Description and Requirements

The Global Leadership Center offers a two-year undergraduate certificate that prepares students to become lifelong learners in order to serve as internationally-minded, skilled, attuned, professional, and experienced leaders in all walks of life (commercial, governmental and nongovernmental, educational, etc.). The GLC certificate is not a degree-granting academic discipline but a curricular and co-curricular certificate program which enhances other disciplines.
The program prepares students to think critically and creatively, communicate clearly and logically, be flexible and non-dogmatic, embrace ambiguity and complexity, and understand the world's challenging commercial, political, religious, and cultural issues.

Global Leadership Center courses are not traditional classes with lectures, tests, and papers. Instead, students work in project teams on real-world problems and issues. The project-based action learning approach challenges students to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to work in a rapidly changing world. The GLC's core program consists of project-learning units, which spring from global issues. Each project challenges students to determine what they need to know to solve the problem, how they are going to find the information they need, and how they are going to apply it. Project-based learning also changes the role of faculty members; rather than providing the students with specific course content, faculty advise, consult and provide constant feedback on all aspects of a project, from research and analysis to report writing and presentations.
To complete the program and receive the GLC certificate students must take five GLC classes (19 credit hours), participate in one GLC International Collaborative Consulting Project (in May of each year), and successfully complete an international internship, employment, or study abroad. Classes consist of project-based learning. These projects are designed to give students experience in international affairs. Students are also required to study a foreign language or sign language. The GLC certificate program is open to all majors.