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student group picutre_geography_fall 2016

2016-17 Graduate Students

Current Students

Christopher Acker

B.S., Illinois State University, 2015


"My research interests include economic geography and geographic information systems. More specifically, I am interested in analyzing how and why countries' economies develop over time and space."


Advisor: Dr. Yeong Kim

Christine Aiena

B.S., Wright State University, 2016


"My research interests are meteorology/climatology, with a primarily focus on severe weather and tornadoes. Specifically, I am interested in how land topography influences the development and life cycle of severe weather events and tornadoes."


Advisor: Dr. Jana Houser


Ian Bailey

B.S., The Ohio State University, 2012

B.J., Ohio State University, 2016


"My research interests focus primarily on tornado life-cycles as they move across areas of different surface roughness and different topographical characteristics. I will be using radar data and multiple different forms of statistical analysis to evaluate past tornadic behavior as they have crossed varying landscapes."


Advisor: Dr. Jana Houser

Kelly Butler_website
Kelly Butler

B.S., Lyndon State College, 2014


"My research interests are in mesoscale meteorology, with a specific focus on tornadoes. My current work focuses on the effects of land cover type on tornadogenesis/decay and tornado intensity."


Advisor: Dr. Jana Houser

Angela Chapman_website
Angela Chapman

B.A., Bowling Green State University, 2009


"I am a human geographer interested in the political economy of food. My thesis research focuses specifically on local food systems and food security in Southeast Ohio."


Advisor: Dr. Harold Perkins

bradley crum
Bradley Crum

B.A., Ohio University, 2000


"My research interests include historical and cultural geography in the arid regions of Kenya . More specifically, I am interested in researching how pastoralist society and farmers have and continue to interact and shape their environment."


Advisor: Dr. Tom Smucker

Chad Goergens_website
Chad Goergens

B.S., Ohio University, 2015


"My research interests include meteorology/climatology, with a specific focus of Antarctic climate. My current work includes reconstructing atmospheric pressure and circulation patterns around the continent of Antarctica back throughout the entire 20th century. This is important due to the lack of observations around the continent and to examine the uniqueness of trends seen today."


Dr. Ryan Fogt

Kianoosh Hassani
Kianoosh Hassani

B. Sc., Azad Univeristy, 2014


"My research scope centers on application of multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing in land cover and land use analysis, and identification of biogeochemical characteristics of the surface. My current case study is Tule Valley, Utah, and the purpose is to identify its surficial and sediment composition through integration of remote sensing and GIS technologies."


Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Sack

Jonathon Hogue

B.A., Miami University, 2016


"I am a physical geographer interested in biogeography and the atmospheric sciences.  My goal is to engage in research concerning the interactions and subsequent results of these two fields at both a local and global scale."


Advisor: Dr. James Dyer

picture_Jarrod Knauff
Jarrod Knauff

B.S., Ohio University, 2015


"I am a Physical Geographer primarily interest in Geomorphology focusing on paleolakes.

Other interests of mine include Meteorology and paleoclimatology."


Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Sack

Victor Machyo

B.A., University of Nairobi, 2012


"My interests are land use planning and environmental sustainability with special emphasis on volunteered and public participatory processes."


Advisor: Dr. Gaurav Sinha

Olivia Moeller

B.A., Ohio State University, 2015


"I am a human geographer interested in National Parks. I want to look at how recreation has changed in the National Parks in the last 100 years. I also want to know how changes to laws have affected recreation in the parks."


Advisor: Dr. Geoffrey Buckley

Samuel Njai picture
Samuel Njai

B.S., Kenyatta University, 2011


"My overall research interest is to investigate the integration of information systems in a variety of geographic settings. Particularly, understanding the dynamics and development of internet geography from social-economic, and technological view."


Advisor: Dr. Edna Wangui

Sabrina Paskewitz Drew_website
Sabrina Paskewitz

B.A., Oberlin College, 2015


“My research interests lie in urban geography. Specifically I would like to study how to improve the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of “Rust Belt” cities and neighborhoods while mitigating gentrification due to redevelopment.”


Dr. Harold Perkins

Meredith Stone_website
Meredith Stone

B.A., University of Mary Washington, 2015


"My interests lie mainly within urban, political, and social geography focusing on social movements, power dynamics, and community relationships in cities. My thesis research focuses on street art in Baltimore, Maryland and Edinburgh, Scotland, investigating how city policies towards the arts present different approaches to space, place, and urban development."


Dr. Geoffrey Buckley

Hayley Welsh

B.A., University of Pittsburgh, 2015


"My research interests center broadly on urban and environmental geographies. I have specific interests in urban green spaces, sustainable community development, and green urban revitalization in both European and northeastern Appalachian cities."


Advisor: Dr. Harold Perkins

Dana Williams
Dana Williams

B.S., Marshall University, 2015


"I’m a physical geographer with a background in geology. My interests are interdisciplinary and broadly fall under geomorphology and GIS."


Dr. Dorothy Sack



Recent Master's Graduates

David Adjuik

M.A., 2012

Thesis: Weak Ties at Play: Social Networks and Ghanaian Entrepreneurs in Columbus, Ohio

Advisor: Dr. Brad Jokisch

Rebekah Banas

M.S., 2015 (Non-Thesis)

Advisor: Dr. Geoff Buckley

Kevin Blank

M.A., 2012

Thesis: Downtown Appalachia: Revitalization and Green Governance in Charleston, WV

Advisor: Dr. Harold Perkins

Ethan Bottone

M.S., 2016

Thesis: The Historical Production of Space in Perry County, Ohio: National Discourses Materialized

Advisor: Dr. Tim Anderson

Alex Brennan

M.A., 2017 (Non-Thesis)

Advisor: Dr. Harold Perkins

Kyle Clem

M.S., 2014

Thesis: The Combined Influence of ENSO and SAM on Antarctic Climate Variability

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Fogt

Mia DeNardi

M.A., 2012

Thesis: Symbols and Identity in Siena, Italy

Advisor: Dr. Harold Perkins

Briana Karl

M.A., 2016

Thesis: Navigating the Unknown: Immigrant's Maternal Health Experiences in Southeast Ohio

Advisor: Dr. Edna Wangui

Michelle Kozlowski

M.A., 2012

Thesis: Environmental Justice in Applachia: A Case Study of C8 Contamination in Little Hocking, Ohio

Advisor: Dr. Harold Perkins

Alek Krautmann

M.S., 2012

Thesis: Midwest Urban Heat Wave Climatology: What Constitutes the Worst Events?

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Fogt

Bridget Kraynik

M.S., 2014 (Non-Thesis)
Advisor: Dr. Gaurav Sinha

Jessica Kuenzli

M.S., 2014 (Non-Thesis)
Advisor: Dr. James Lein

Elisabeth Kunstel

M.A., 2017 (Non-Thesis)

Advisor: Dr. Brad Jokisch

Ming Yeung (Zachary) Lee

M.S., 2013
Thesis: Antarctic Station-based Pressure Reconstructions from 1905-2011 using Principal Component

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Fogt

Allissa Lewis

M.S., 2016 (Non-Thesis)

Advisor: Dr. Amy Lynch

Kyle McGonagle

M.S., 2013 (Non-Thesis)
Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Sack

Maria Panaccione

M.A., 2015 (Non-Thesis)

Advisor: Dr. Risa Whitson

Jillian Prusa

M.A., 2014

Thesis: Refurbishing the Rust Belt: Vacant Land Reuse in Baltimore, Maryland and Cleveland, Ohio

Advisor: Dr. Geoff Buckley

Steven Richardson

B.A., Eastern Kentucky University, 2012

Advisor: Dr. James Lein

Allison Roush

M.S., 2016 (Non-Thesis)

Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Sack

Megan Sympson

M.A., 2016

Thesis: Remembering Idora Park: Landscape, Memory, and Discourse in an Urban Amusement Park

Advisor: Dr. Tim Anderson

Zac Wehrmann

M.S., 2015

Thesis: An Analysis of Planform Changes of the Upper Hocking River, Southeastern Ohio, 1939-2013

Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Sack

Phillip Wilson

M.A., 2012

Thesis: Surface Mining in Van Buren County Iowa: History and Consequences

Advisor: Dr. Geoffrey Buckley

Joseph Witek

M.A., 2013
Thesis: Johannesburg: Africa's World City?

Advisor: Dr. Yeong Kim

Logan Woloch

M.S., 2016 (Non-Thesis)

Advisor: Dr. Gaurav Sinha