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Mathematical and Logical Thinking Perspective


The Mathematics/Logical Thinking Fundamental Skill category of the new General Education scheme focuses on courses that emphasize a substantial amount of quantitative analysis or computation as an educational experience.  One would suppose most any college course involves some degree of logical thinking, but the mere use of logical thought and even occasional computations or quantitative considerations alone does not necessarily qualify it for a General Education course in this category.

          To be a course dedicated to Math/Logical Thinking and thus be awarded two General Education units, the course must be dedicated (at an appropriate level) to the study of mathematics or symbolic logic as its content material.  Examples would include mathematics courses (exclusive of Math 101 or 102 which are deemed too remedial), but also courses such as Psychology 221 or QBA 201, which have a statistics content, and Philosophy 120, which is an introductory symbolic logic course.

          A course could be considered enriched for Math/Logical Thinking without being dedicated to the study of mathematics or logic per se if it incorporates a significant amount of computation or quantitative analysis during its study.  Such courses would earn one General Education unit in this category.  For example, certain science courses require students to consider computations or quantitative analysis on a regular basis on homework, exams, or projects.  They often carry a mathematics or statistics prerequisite.  Many Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering courses fit this description.  Other courses that could be considered in this category may not necessarily have such specific mathematics prerequisites, but still involve substantial amounts of accurate quantitative or logical analysis.


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