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Student Learning Outcomes for Culture

Ohio University must prepare its graduates to understand and succeed in a diverse world through courses that examine issues of culture. Culture can be defined as the common set of products, practices, and perspectives that interact to define any one group of people. Each course classified "Perspectives: Culture" will examine as culture some subset of human values and behaviors such as religious practices; political and economic systems or ideals; art; values and behaviors regarding race, gender, and ethnicity; family structure; conflict; and human relationships to the environment. Courses might explore such cultural issues comparatively across societies or exploration may occur within one society, either from a historical or from a synchronic point of view. By fulfilling the General Education culture requirement of three units, students will acquire:

1.) a knowledge of and an ability to analyze the relationship between products, practices, and perspectives of at least one culture;

2.) an awareness and appreciation of multiple points of view regarding cultural products, practices, and perspectives;

3.) an awareness of their own values and behaviors as a product of culture; and

4.) the ability to analyze, with sensitivity and appreciation, their surroundings as a cultural product both at home and as they travel.



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