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A Sample Proposal for an Enriched Class:
Women's Studies 100, Introduction to Women's Studies

1. How does the content of the course address the proposed general education goal? (limit 99 words)

This introductory course encourages critical analysis of social, political, and cultural constructions pertaining to gender, race, and sexuality. As such, its primary concern is to engage students in questions of cultural diversity.

2. What will students do in pursuit of learning the general education goal? (limit 99 words)

Students engage with fundamental concepts in feminist theory as a way of applying their learning to analyses of culture and politics in the context of gender. Students have daily assigned readings and are encouraged to participate in critical discussions of the reading material. Small-group work is utilized as a way of fostering active learning.

3. How will student learning of the general education goal be assessed in the context of the course? (limit 99 words)

Students are assessed via written examination, writing assignments, and class participation, all of which require students to demonstrate a basic ability to synthesize key points and generate new ideas in relation to them.



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