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When submitting a course for approval as either dedicated to culture or enriched for culture, you will have to answer three questions:

1. How does the content of the course address the proposed general education goal?

2. What will students do in pursuit of learning the general education goal?

3. How will student learning of the general education goal be assessed in the context of the course?

There is a 99-word limit for your answer to each question.

You can read the "General Education Goal for Culture" in the document describing the new gen ed program, which is located under the Help Links section of this page. If you have any doubts or questions after studying the culture goal in that program description, please feel free to contact me. The role of the culture advisory committee is to assist, orient, and guide faculty to an understanding of the gen ed culture goal, which will lead in turn to well-articulated proposals. The committee has no authority in the course approval process; our role is purely advisory.

Perspectives: Culture

Help Links:

Advisory Committee Contact Information


Sky Cone

Department: Human and Consumer Sciences


Jeff Giesey

Department: Electrical Engineering


Esiaba Irobi

Department: Theater


Mary Jane Kelley

Department: Modern Languages


Jaclyn Maxwell

Department: History


Raymie McKerrow

Department: Interpersonal Communications



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