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Administrative Officers

President of the University
Robert Glidden, Ph.D.

Assistant to the President
Alan H. Geiger, Ph.D.

Executive Assistant to the President for Institutional Equity
William Y. Smith, J.D.

Sharon S. Brehm, Ph.D.

Vice President for Administration
Gary B. North, Ph.D.

Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development
Leonard R. Raley, M.B.A.

Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Richard P. Siemer, M.B.A.

Vice President for Regional Higher Education
Charles Bird, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs
Michael Sostarich, M.F.A.

Dean of Students
Terry Hogan, Ph.D.

Vice President for University Communications and Marketing
Adrie H. Nab, Ed.M.

Office of the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies

Associate Provost for Graduate Studies
Gary M. Schumacher, Ph.D.

Assistant Provost for Graduate Studies Graduate Student Services
Gordon Schanzenbach, Ph.D..

Colleges and Academic Programs

College of Arts and Sciences, Dean
Leslie Flemming, Ph.D.

College of Business, Dean
Glenn Corlett, J.D.

College of Communication, Dean
Kathy A. Krendl, Ph.D.

College of Education, Dean
James L. Heap, Ph.D.

Russ College of Engineering and Technology, Dean
Warren K. Wray, Ph.D.

College of Fine Arts, Dean
Raymond Tymas-Jones, Ph.D.

College of Health and Human Services, Dean
Gary Neiman, Ph.D.

Honors Tutorial College, Dean
Joseph H. Berman, Ph.D.

College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dean
Barbara Ross-Lee, D.O.

University College, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs; Dean
Patricia Bayer Richard, Ph.D.

Center for International Studies, Associate Provost for International Programs; Director
Josep Rota, Ph.D.

Lifelong Learning, Dean
Thomas Shostak, Ed.D

Research, Vice President
James A. Bantle, II, Ph.D

University Libraries, Dean
Julia Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Chillicothe Campus, Dean
Delbert Meyer, Ph.D.

Eastern Campus, Dean
James Newton, Ph.D.

Lancaster Campus, Interim Dean
John Furlow, Jr., Ph.D.

Southern Campus, Dean
Bill W. Dingus, Ph.D.

Zanesville Campus, Dean
James Fonseca, Ph.D.

Board of Trustees

Board of Regents

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Ohio University Front Door -Undergraduate Catalogs- Graduate Catalogs

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