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The School of Dance does not offer an advanced degree program at present. However, you may include the following graduate courses in an individual interdisciplinary program of study culminating in a master's degree arranged through the Office of Graduate Student Services. (See also Comparative Arts.)


Dance (DANC) Courses

530 Dance Movement Laboratory (1-5)
Investigation of individual problems and capacities related to the production of movement. Class explores the means to improve efficiency and expand qualitative range of the mover through application of specific somatic modalities.
Staff; D.

531 Analysis of Dance Movement (2)
Explores skeletal alignment and deviation, muscular development and function, and mechanical efficiency in production of dance movement. Basic to course study is thorough understanding of principles of stability and motion as they relate to dance.

532 Dance Kinesiology Seminar (2)
Offers study and in-depth analysis of kinesiological principles, their application in dance class, and to training of dancers.

578 Seminar in Dance History and Criticism (4)
Development of Euro-American dance in the 20th century, with focus on contemporary dance through the present. Research projects.
Staff; F; Y.

579 Seminar in Dance History and Criticism II (4)
Tribal forms: survey of dance forms and their functions in societies including mythic rituals and dance-drama. Research projects.
Staff; Sp; A.

580 Seminar in Dance History and Criticism III (4)
Development of Euro-American dance from classic times through 20th century ballet, with emphasis on Baroque, Romantic, and Diaghilev periods. Research projects.
Brooks; W; A.

690 Independent Study (l-10)
694 Internship (1-6)
Course provides credit for internship experience. Internship allows individual to gain real experience in field of dance and related areas, e.g., arts administration, apprentice/performing or choreography, technical production.
Bailin: F, W, Sp, Su; D.

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