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First Year Council

The First Year Council will be charged with the following responsibilities:
1. Gain knowledge of all initiatives/programs/policies on campus affecting first year students (and would be the successor to the Foundations of Excellence Task Force).
2. Set campus-wide priorities among competing first year initiatives.
3. Coordinate and align first year programs, policies, and practices.
4. Plan and advocate for first year student success initiatives.
5. Increase the visibility of first year issues and programs within the university community.
6. Sponsor regular First Year forums/open meetings/workshops to diffuse knowledge about, and commitment to, first year issues and programs across all campuses.
7. Advocate for faculty development in first year teaching.
8. Design and advocate for a faculty reward structure to encourage excellence in first year teaching and advising.
9. Identify current first year student advocates among faculty on all campuses and recruit more.
10. Consult widely with instructors of first year classes including but not limited to continuing faculty and teaching assistants.

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