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Menu: Hot Drinks

Enjoy a nice cup of coffee with your choice of light, regular, or dark roast. Our light blends are Breakfast Blend and Late Note. The medium roast is the House. Dark roasts include Verona and Estima. We also offer Decaf.

*Don't forget to check out our newest Starbucks blend -- Serena, a medium blend with just the kick you need.

    Tall- $1.75, Grande- $1.95, Venti- $2.10


For a stronger taste of caffeine, try a cappuccino with the nice taste of espresso and foam.

    Tall- 2.75. Grande- 3.45, Venti- 3.75

Don't want such a strong drink? Try a latte. With its less foam, it isn't quite as strong but just as delectable.

    Tall- 2.75, Grande- 3.45, Venti-3.75

Cafe Mocha
Chocolate lover? Try a mocha. Chocolate, espresso, whip cream, and chocolate drizzled on makes it a definite customer favorite.

    Tall-3.25, Grande-3.75, Venti-4.00

White Chocolate Mocha

Like the Mocha? Try it with white chocolate. It still has espresso and whip cream making it another popular drink among customers.

    Tall- 3.60, Grande- 4.15, Venti- 4.60

Carmel Latte
A sweet blend of caramel and vanilla topped with espresso and drizzled with caramel.

    Tall- 2.55, Grande- 3.10, Venti- 3.40

Carmel Macchiato
Is the caramel latte too sweet for your liking? Try the Carmel Macchiato. Same ingredients as a caramel latte just a little less, making it a little less sweet.

    Tall- 3.25, Grande- 3.85, Venti- 4.10

Espresso Macchiato
Just wishing for a shot of espresso? Try an Espresso Macchiato- espresso with a small dollop of foam.

    One Shot- 1.75, 2 Shots- 2.05, 3 Shots- 2.40

Espresso con Panna
Do you still just want espresso but the Espresso Macchiato isn't up your alley, try the Espresso con Panna. It is espresso topped with whip cream.

    One Shot- 1.75, 2 Shots- 2.05, 3 Shots- 2.40

For a lighter taste with the same amount of caffeine, try the Americano -- espresso and steamed water.

    Prices depend on the number of espresso shots.

Hot Chocolate
The classic winter warm up and favorite even in the summer time. Chocolate and milk with whip cream and more chocolate drizzled on top will take you back to your childhood days.

    Tall- 3.10, Grande- 3.65, Venti- 3.95

Chai Tea
A tea delight in the summer or the winter.

    Tall- 3.00, Grande- 3.50, Venti- 3.75

White Hot Chocolate

Want a warm up but not all about the chocolate? Try a white hot chocolate, white chocolate and whipped cream has never tasted so good.

    Tall- 3.10, Grande- 3.65, Venti- 3.95

We have many amazing hot teas, both caffeinated and decaffeinated.

Caffeinated teas include Berryblossom White, Awake, Earl Grey, Green Ginger, and Zen.

Decaffeinated drinks include Sweet Cinnamon Spice, African Red Bush, Passion, Wild Sweet Orange, Refresh, and Calm.  

Tea is sold by the bag. No matter what size you get, one tea bag is $1.50 and two tea bags are $2.00.

Want the drink but not the heat? All of our drinks are available over ice. Just ask one of our baristas and they will be happy to make it for you.

Additional Syrups = 30 cents. Additional Shots = 50 cents/shot. With Soy= 40 cents.

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