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Welcome and thank you for your interest in employment with Culinary Services.  We look forward to having you join our team! 

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Culinary Services can offer you a paycheck and more. Consider the following benefits received by all of Culinary Services' student employees:

  • Level 1 starts at $10.00/hr. Includes all student positions not noted in higher pay levels. See complete details here
  • Level 2 starts at $11.00/hr. Includes dishroom, pots and pans, catering, Latitude 39 servers and bartenders, student leaders/office assistants/hiring managers/foodpro assistants/student coordinators (in-training)
  • Valuable work experience for your resume.
  • Awards and recognition for outstanding work.
  • Chances to meet a variety of people (we employ over 1,700 student workers!).
  • Training and development
  • Support the University's academic mission through internships and field experience.

Venue specific employment opportunities include:

  • Dining Courts: Preparation and serving of three meals a day (2 on Sunday) in two Dining Courts, Nelson and The District on West Green, throughout the academic year. Jobs include: server/transporter, foodprep/stocker, dining room/concept clean up, dishroom & pots and pans.
  • Campus Markets: Join in one of our three campus markets (convenience stores) at Nelson, Boyd and Jefferson Marketplace. Jobs include: stocker, inventory, cashier, barista at Jefferson's OHIO Cafe, deli worker at Jefferson's Brick City Deli or a smoothie bar attendee at Boyd Market.
  • Baker University Center West 82, Latitude 39, and OHIO Catering: In these BUC retail operations jobs are server, hostess, bartender, cashier, kitchen help/prep, kitchen cleanup, stocker.
  • Central Food Facility: Central Food Facility houses a large-scale bakery, vegetable preparation kitchen, central supply kitchen, and warehouse. Jobs include: bakery staff, vegetable preparation staff, and dish room staff.
  • Cafes: Come be a barista in one of our four campus cafes on the Athens campus. Alden Library - Cafe Bibliotech, Baker University Center - Front Room Cafe, Academic and Research Center - ARC Cafe and Heritage Hall College of Medicine - Cafe at Factory Street.


For information regarding employment opportunities, please email us at culinaryemployment@ohio.edu. Once you complete an application, please allow a week for our staff to determine if there are any positions that need to be filled.

Apply now for a position with Ohio University Culinary Services!

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