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Fall 2021 Quarantine & Isolation Meal Order

Culinary Services will provide meals to students meal plan holders who have been placed in quarantine or isolation beginning with lunch Thursday, August 19, 2021. Lunch, dinner and a breakfast snack can be ordered. If insufficient meal swipes exist on the plan to cover the order, the student will be billed for the meals at the walk in meal price. This price may be found at ohio.edu/food/guests. Students may also utilize Door Dash or a similar service. All orders are due by 10am for mid-day delivery, the same day. Meals will be delivered Sunday-Saturday mid-day to a common area within the residence hall (ground floor of Dougan and ground floor of True). Should you require assistance due to dietary restrictions, please contact our registered dietitian at culinarydietitian@ohio.edu.  If you have questions, you may call Culinary Services at 740-593-2970. If you would like to order items from Nelson Market, (example: personal care items or other convenience items), please utilize the OHIO EATS app. to order items from Nelson Market and contact Monchito Trinidad at trinidam@ohio.edu or 740-593-9958 to process your Nelson Market order. We will work to coordinate your order from Nelson Market with the delivery of your quarantine/isolation meals.

To place your quarantine/isolation meal order or to cancel an existing order, click here. Orders accepted beginning August 18. Failure to cancel unneeded orders by 10am, 1 day prior to delivery, will result in meal charges.

Culinary and retail venues are transitioning to cashless to expedite transactions and reduce contact.   

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Please check in with the Ohio University coronavirus response pages often for university-wide updates. 

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