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NPPAOU's photography displayed in the Baker University Center Front Room Coffeehouse 


New culinary studio at Ohio University showcases the broader intersection of food, media and experimental learning

Ohio University Culinary Studio

May 2, 2017


Ohio University to become "trayless" campus

Nelson Dining Hall May 11, 2016

Nelson Dining Hall May 11, 2016 

March 23, 2017
The Post

Starting in the summer, Ohio University dining halls will remove most of the food trays and send them to OU surplus to be sold.

OU spokesman James Sabin said a study conducted in Nelson Dining Hall in spring 2016 showed 0.33 gallons of water are used to wash each tray, and a food waste education project the same semester revealed 71 percent of students use trays. Since almost 2 million meals were served on campus last year, getting rid of trays could save about 440,000 gallons of water per year. ...MORE

OHIO Zero Waste Initiative supports Culinary Services' coffee refill program

OHIO Zero Waste Initiative supports Culinary Services' coffee refill programMarch 1, 2017

The mission of the OHIO Zero Waste Initiative at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs is to reduce the waste footprint at Ohio University thanks to support from the Sugar Bush Foundation, a supporting organization of the Ohio University Foundation. On campus, our team of staff and students at the Voinovich School partners with Campus Recycling, the Office of Sustainability and other university groups to raise waste awareness across the campus community. MORE


New Jefferson Marketplace opened Jan. 25

Jefferson Marketplace opened to OHIO community Jan. 25

March 1, 2017
For nearly 60 years, Bobcats have been sharing meals at Ohio University’s Jefferson Hall. This week, the OHIO community will be welcomed into a new culinary experience within this historic East Green building – an experience that will usher in an entirely new way of serving the University. MORE



University sited as one of the ’10 Healthy University Dining Halls on American Campuses.’


District on West Green

The website Health Fitness Revolution noted The District on West Green for our ‘diverse options prove that eating healthy can be delicious.’ MORE…



Ohio University Named One of the 80 Best Colleges for Food in America


The Daily Meal added Ohio University to the list because we raised our local produce purchases, hired a nutritionist and now compost almost all of our food waste. MORE..

Ohio University Offering More Healthy Food Options to Students



April 4, 2016


Twenty-eight years ago, Dennis Washington was a student leader at Boyd Dining Hall on the campus of Ohio University. Washington pioneered the student leader program.  He returned to campus as an employee not long after graduation, and has found a home in Boyd for the last 19 years...MORE





March 24, 2016

The Post


The students in this year's graduating class are the last to remember Jefferson Dining Hall, and students in next year's freshman class will be the first to experience the new Jefferson Marketplace.


The new market, which will be located on the corner of East Union and Stewart Street, will open in January 2017 and construction will begin this May, OU Spokesman Dan Pittman said...MORE


Ohio University Composting Video


header - video


Above is a link to the Ohio University's Office of Sustainability Composting Video. It illustrates Ohio University's status as a national leader in Zero Waste efforts...CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO




The District on West Green featured in Foodservice Equipment & Supplies


Header The District on West Green






With an emphasis on healthful menu items, this renovated, all-you-care-to-eat dining hall features microrestaurants offering display cooking and self-service.


Feb. 1, 2016

Food Service, Equipment and Supplies


In an effort to elevate the on-campus dining experience for students, faculty, staff and visitors, Ohio University Culinary Services spent the past eight years expanding its service offerings and renovating its venues. The latest project, Boyd Dining Hall on the West Green, did more than simply renovate a long-standing facility. Ohio University (Ohio) and its project team created a cutting-edge dining facility unlike anything else on campus...MORE




Five snacks to get you through finals week



Header - Finals


Dec 1, 2015

The Post


Finals week is already upon us, which means stress eating is too. While you’re up late studying, you’ll probably get those midnight munchies. Here are few snack options for you that will help you get through the stressful week of finals...MORE



Cafe A Cappella hits a high note in South Side Espresso



header - acapella


Nov 8, 2015

The Post


People stopped to stare while entering and exiting Nelson Dining Hall to check out the live music in South Side Espresso Bar.

Dozens of people occupied South Side Espresso Bar as the first ever Café A Cappella kicked off Thursday night. The series takes place at 7:30 p.m. Thursdays at South Side Espresso Bar...MORE


West Green Market District houses five micro-restaurants, new market concepts 

Boyd Market 
Oct 1, 2015



Ohio University Culinary Services has spent the past eight years expanding its service offerings and renovating its venues – all in an effort to elevate students’ on-campus dining experience. This semester saw those efforts reach a new milestone with the opening of a renamed and remodeled market and dining destination on the Athens Campus’ West Green...MORE


OHIO Culinary Services prepares high-quality food for the masses



Jan 14, 2015



Though Mary Jones is the associate director of Ohio University Culinary Services and responsible for the activities that take place within the Central Food Facility, she credits the success of the large operation to its managers and employees, who make a difference within the University community every day...MORE


Shively to join Nelson Court as a seven-day-a-week operation beginning spring semester


Shively Court


Nov 17, 2014



Culinary Services has announced that Shively Court will offer lunch and dinner hours each Saturday throughout Spring Semester 2015 as an added service extension during Boyd Dining Hall’s approaching closure...MORE




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