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Our Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability_CallOutCulinary Services, one of the largest self-operated, non-franchised college dining services in the nation, takes food waste and recycling very seriously. Each of our campus venues abides by the standards and initiatives set forth by Ohio University and the Office of Sustainability.

Sustainability Awards & Accolades
  • 2015 - National bronze award winner for Waste Management (NACUFS)
  • 2014 - Departmental Sustainability Award (OHIO Office of Sustainability) ­
Local Purchasing

We also place an emphasis on purchasing local food items whenever our supply demands can be accommodated; many of the local items that we serve are in part a result of our growing association with many local connections that we maintain, and we’re always looking to cultivate new partnerships.

Some of our local partners include:

  • White Feather Farms
  • Shagbark Seed & Mill
  • Vino de Milo
  • Hemmelgarn & Sons
  • Silver Bridge Coffee
  • Frog Ranch
  • Broughton
  • Hidden Hills Orchard
  • Cowdery Farms

Reducing Food Waste

We collaborate with the Office of Sustainability to help educate students regarding food waste and how they can help to further decrease wasted food.­

  • Signs are posted in all Dining Courts/Halls encouraging students to take only what they know they will eat and to not be shy about asking for smaller portions
  • Shively Court and Nelson Court, two of our most recently renovated dining venues, provide numerous self-serve concepts in which customers can choose their own portions. Such ­self-service stations have greatly reduced our amounts of food waste

Central Production

Recent renovations have also focused on reducing food waste from the production end:

  • The cook/chill system and central production kitchen at our Central Food Facility has helped us to further reduce waste by centralizing production.
  • Soups, sauces, pastas, rice and other food items are now made in a central location, ensuring product quality and consistency
  • Eliminates redundant machinery within each of our Dining Courts/Halls and affords us with a smaller, more energy efficient production footprint that focuses on the customer experience
  • Bakery renovations have allowed us to not only increase our production of from-scratch items, but to decrease carbon emissions from transportation and provide a higher quality product without the use of preservatives
    • Currently 98% of all baked goods served at Ohio University are baked on campus from scratch



­Composting Support

Ohio University is home to the largest in-vessel composting system of any college or university in the nation.

  • All of our campus dining locations utilize compostable napkins, take-out containers and more to help maximize the use of the campus composting vessels and to further ongoing campus sustainability efforts
  • Visit the Office of Sustainability's composting page for additional information regarding OHIO's commitment to a greener tomorrow

Ongoing Efforts

Culinary Services is always looking for new ways to increase our sustainability. We also value student input!

  • The Culinary Services Development Committee (CSDC) is a student-led group that helps us to evaluate sustainability-related ideas and initiatives.
    • Our recent reusable bags initiative, in which all 2013-2014 residential students on a meal plan were provided with a reusable bag free of charge, was borne out of CSDC

  • We continually develop new partnerships to offer organically grown and Fair Trade coffee in select dining venues and cafés
  • All Culinary Services venues are now utilizing soaps and detergents that are biodegradable and safe for the environment
  • We are incorporating sustainable design elements, renewable materials, new infrastructure, and equipment efficiencies within both existing and future venue renovations



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OHIO Culinary Services APP
OHIO Culinary Services APP


We are always looking for energetic students who are interested in discussing/furthering our on-campus sustainability efforts!

The Culinary Services Development Committee (CSDC) is a student-led organization dedicated to discussing a wide range of culinary-related topics. Meetings are monthly during the school year.

Let your voice be heard! Email for additional information.