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Safety at Culinary Services

Safety is a number one priority at Ohio University Culinary Services. We have instituted a variety of efforts in order to minimize the chance of incidents happening in the work place, as we believe that all incidents can be prevented. 


For this purpose, we have developed a Culinary Safety Course in conjunction with S2 Learning. This safety course will guide staff through some of the most important safety rules. At the end of the course, you will take a quiz to gauge your understanding of the concepts. You must receive a score of 100% to pass the quiz, and you may retake the quiz until you achieve this score.


All full-time staff taking the safety quiz should have their results sent to their unit Safety Manager. Please use the list below to determine where to send the results of your safety course quiz:

Boyd Dining Hall:

Nelson Court:

Shively Court:

Baker University Center:

Culinary Support Center:



New Users: Register & Take the Culinary Services Safety Quiz
Existing Users (Returning Staff): Click Here


Note: Your computer will need to have Adobe Flash and Active X running on your computer. If these are disabled, the browser will ask you to activate them on a small tab on the top part of your window. You may click Run to be able to access the safety quiz. We recommend that you take this quiz on a PC using Windows Internet Explorer.