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A completed entry will include the following:

  • The appropriate photos/screenshots from each of the 10 clues listed below
  • Entries must be posted to a single Twitter account
  • All Tweets must include #OHIOCulinaryHunt


Prizes also awarded for:

  • Best Photography
  • Most Creative
  • Best Description
  • Twitter Newcomer (given to participant with most recent "joined" date)
  • Twitter Veteran (given to participant who's been on Twitter the longest)

#OhioCulinaryHunt Scavenger Items

DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE #OHIOCulinaryHunt to each of your tweets!

My Favorite Dining Court. Photo of you eating at your favorite campus Dining Court

Smoothies on South. There's a certain café on the "south-side" of campus that can satisfy your smoothie craving. Photo this venue, and, while you're there, feel free to use your Flex Points to grab a custom-made smoothie of your choosing!

Nutrition is Key. Culinary Services places informative nutritional icons next to all of its Dining Court food offerings. Find one and capture it with a photo.

Academic Research. One of Culinary Services' four campus cafes is located on West Green. Do you know where it is? Prove it by sharing a photo and telling us what brand of coffee it serves.

Casual Dining. Sometimes it's nice to try something different. Latitude 39 Casual Dining offers just the thing (Flex Points accepted!) Photograph the variety of menu options that Latitude 39 offers.

Is It Open? Culinary Services offers numerous ways to find out a venue's hours of operation, but there's only one way that you can take the information with you. Visit our website and load our hours of operation calendar to your smartphone or tablet. Share a screenshot or photo of your calendar.

Study Session. Alden Library has lots of perfect studying spots, but none better than near our café. Photo your favorite Café BiblioTech study drink.

Campus Markets. No matter where you live on campus, one of our markets is never too far away. Visit one of our three campus markets and photograph yourself inside the venue.

Sauté Time – Mix up your meal with one of your own Sauté Bar creations at Boyd Dining Hall. Photo your meal being sautéed to perfection.

Head To the West (82) – West 82 offers a variety of lunch/dinner options to the campus population, but did you know that this venue also serves breakfast? Visit West 82 Food Court (Flex Points accepted!) and show us a photo of your favorite breakfast item or morning pick-me-up.

*Extracurricular Extravaganza* Culinary Services strives to enhance OHIO's sustainable environment – that's why we provided a reusable bag to all Residential Meal Plan holders at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. Bags are also available for purchase within any of our Campus Markets. Share a photograph showing how you use your bag around campus!