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Physical Ceramics: A Look Inside Carol Fleming’s Studio Terra Nova

Physical Ceramics: A Look Inside Carol Fleming’s Studio Terra Nova

Daniel King | Jun 30, 2017

Photo by Larry Marks.


Carol Fleming, M.F.A. class of 1988, continues to create ceramic artworks bordering on the architectural in her studio, usually accompanied by her faithful boxer Caramella. Over nearly three decades, Fleming has built her artistic practice on commissions for large outdoor site-specific ceramic sculptures, working primarily in fired stoneware since 1985.

Her works dwarf the cups and bowls most ceramics artists start out with. She’s always been drawn to this larger scale. As early as 10 years old, Fleming made big pots while her older classmates produced skillful tiny works. She carries many great memories from her time in Athens, but mainly she recalls the steady routine and learning the value of hard work.


Carol Fleming Marks and her ceramics sculptures.Carol Fleming Marks and her ceramics sculptures, photo by Michael Kilfoy. Image of Flemings columns courtesy of the artist. 


“I take inspiration from various forms found in nature, such as trees, eggs and acorns. I also translate from engineered art, such as bridges and columns, which for me are vertical bridges between earth and heaven,” said Fleming.

Fleming’s studio space, Studio Terra Nova, is a cathedral-like 800 square foot studio designed by architect Tyler Stevens and situated among Oak and Cottonwood trees next to her home outside of St. Louis, MO. Fleming wears all the management, promotion and creative hats, and sells her work out of her studio and as represented by Leopold Gallery in Kansas City.

Fleming affirms the value of art in the world as affording us “the chance to be refreshed by beauty, to get outside of ourselves and to co-name the universe with our Maker.”


Carol Fleming's Studio Terra Nova and her ceramics sculptures.Carol Fleming's Studio Terra Nova and her ceramics sculptures against bright fall foliage. Photos by Michael Kilfoy.



A short film produced by Craig Williams, featuring the creative, in-process work and philosophy of St. Louis sculptor, Carol Fleming. The story takes place in her studio, and shows the artist at work on one of her signature forms — the column.



Carol Fleming's Studio Terra Nova interior view, and her best studio mate, the boxer Caramella.Carol Fleming's Studio Terra Nova interior view, photo courtesy of the artist. Fleming with her best studio mate, the boxer Caramella. Photo by David Stradal.


Read a recent review of Fleming’s sculptural work in the Ladue News.

See more of the artist’s work at


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