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Rebecca VerNooy takes her one woman show to New York Festival

Rebecca VerNooy takes her one woman show to New York Festival

Linda Amiel Burns | Dec 6, 2012

The United Solo Festival now in progress, began on Oct. 11 and finished on Nov. 18 2012, featuring over 100 one-person productions. Rebecca VerNooy performed "Across Time" on Nov. 9th – a one-woman show with text and movement at The Studio at Theater Row.

VerNooy McCall_AcrossTime046Billed as "The Worlds largest solo theatre festival," the third Annual United Solo Festival began on October 11 and ends on November 18 with a closing ceremony where the winner of the uAward will be announced.  Previous winners are Anna Deavere Smith and Patti LuPone.  The Festival features a vast array of local and international artists with over one hundred productions selected from fourteen countries spanning four continents. Omar Sangare, Ph.D, the Founder and Artistic Director of United Solo, says "we treasure cultural diversity and inspire recognition, respect, and appreciation for each person and each story – for every one of us."

The talented Rebecca VerNooy, actress, writer and choreographer, performed Across Time, a theater piece, a hybrid of text and movement, that tells a personal story of finding herself in Southeastern Ohio confronting middle age, mortality and motherhood. Having spent 20 years as a New Yorker, Rebecca examines her life as she cleans the clutter in her home asking the questions that many of us ask ourselves.  In this moving monologue, Rebecca negotiates with her four year old son, reassures her husband that she is "all right" and looks in the mirror of her life, concerned about her weight, her choices and "how long have I been separated from myself?"  She also discusses the transcendent power of love that brought her to this unexpected chapter in her life.

After earning a BA in Performance at Hampshire College followed by a Master's degree from The Gallatin School at NYU and teaching in NY for many years, Rebecca could not have imagined that she would find herself on the faculty of Ohio University's School of Theatre, a wife and mother of a 4 year old and living in Athens, Ohio.  This one-woman show is only 35 minutes long but has the potential to be expanded giving Rebecca the opportunity to delve more deeply through her acting and dance into the subject of self-exploration.

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