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Student Spotlight: Marianne Murray

Student Spotlight: Marianne Murray

Feb 24, 2015

An interview with Marianne Murray, Junior BFA in Performance, from Columbus, Ohio.

Why did you come to Ohio University?

I transferred to OU as a sophomore, actually! I was unhappy with the theatre program at the school I attended my freshman year, Otterbein University. It was Christmas break of my freshman year, and I was having coffee with my dear friend Anthony Baldasare, who was a senior in high school looking for colleges at the time. He told me that I should come audition at OU with him, for their scholarship audition. I had only ever heard that OU was a “party school”, and was surprised to hear that he had interest in their program, but I knew I needed to transfer, so I said “Ok! Road trip to Athens, I’ll buy the coffee, you drive.” We both came down, and I fell in love with the campus, witnessed Shelley Delaney teaching an amazing Meisner class, and was astounded to learn that the BFA program was three years, so I could transfer right in if accepted! I took this as a sign from the universe that it was the right school for me.

What are some of your biggest experiences at Ohio University Theater?

Definitely my biggest experience so far here was playing Susan in bobrauschenburgamerica by Charles Mee. Getting to be a part of unique and passionate shows is exactly what I desire from my time here, and that show was an amazing start. I learned so much from my amazing director, cast and crew. For me, it was intensely satisfying to be involved in this theatre production, because it only intensified my hunger to learn more about all forms of art. I think it was also quite a journey getting through my first year of Meisner training! That was an accomplishment of which I am very proud.

What are the best things about your degree program at Ohio University?

Definitely the amazing faculty, and the incredible and intense training in the Meisner Technique. The training is unlike any I had ever previously experienced. Going through Meisner training in class was one of the most intense, emotionally vulnerable, and humbling experiences I’ve ever had. I feel like I came here with an expectation that I had to carry myself a certain way, or behave in a certain manner, but Meisner training has stripped me down to my core, true self. I feel happier than I ever have, and couldn’t be more grateful for that.

What is something people should take advantage of in Athens?

The amazing independent films shown at the Athena, the beautiful hills we have to explore and hike, vegan cheese at Avalanche Pizza, and everything about Casa Nueva; from the shows, to the drinks, to the vegan cheese quesadilla!

What are your favorite resources of the University?

The library is a holy resource for me. I loooove to read, but can’t always afford to buy books, and they have an extensive selection. Also, Arts for Ohio is amazing, because it allows students to see all College of Fine Arts productions for free!!

How are you financing your education?

I am actually independent of my parents, so I support my education completely by myself! I finance going to school through my work study job and many scholarships and grants, which I could not be more grateful for.

Do you have any advice for future students?

My advice for future students would be DO NOT GIVE UP! And do not be afraid to throw yourself into things. We cannot be afraid to try simply because our flawed minds are telling us we will fail. This is an industry which requires an amazing amount of passion and fearlessness. A quote which was given to my studio members and I on our acting class syllabus this semester is one that sums up everything: “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt”— William Shakespeare

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