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School of Dance, Film, and Theater


Dear CoFA Alumni and Friends,

We recently celebrated the 75th Anniversary in 2012 where we honored 75 amazing years in the life of the College of Fine Arts. The Arts Alumni Advisory Board helped plan what we hoped would be a memorable reunion of people who share a passion for the arts. Reconnecting with all of you – dancers, painters, musicians, photographers, ceramists, art historians, filmmakers, directors, performers, designers, innovators, and community leaders – has been the most rewarding aspect of this outreach!

And now that you have made the effort to come back and honor the professors who helped us discover our unique talents, we want you to stay engaged with the current generation of talented teachers and students. Ohio University has a variety of alumni engagement opportunities, such as:

•  The Ohio University Alumni Mentor Network
•  Attend a local alumni event in your area
•  Join an alumni society
•  Host a Dinner with 12 Strangers
•  Create a scholarship in honor of your favorite professor, your major, or any area of interest
•  Invite a current student to intern at your place of business
•  Offer a space to feature alumni art work
•  Engage in panel discussions
•  Speak to a class
•  Update your information and class notes on the Ohio Alumni web site
•  Make a gift to the College of Fine Arts Annual Fund  

To find out how you can be involved please e-mail us at You can also find more information on the many ways to engage at the Ohio University Alumni Association’s web site at

We are eager to hear your ideas for sharing your wisdom with the College of Fine Arts and invite you to use the Arts Advisory Board as a vehicle for staying connected.

It is indeed interesting to note that in 1936, at the height of the great depression, the Ohio University leadership had the wisdom to establish a College of Fine Arts to help inspire the students through cultural engagement. That inspiration is alive at Ohio University and doing well but we have a great need for involvement by our alumni. The time is now to get involved and be an advocate for the ARTS. We hope this weekend has rekindled your interest in helping the next generation of fine arts graduates make a difference in our world.


College of Fine Arts Alumni Advisory Board and Friends