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School of Dance, Film, and Theater
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Directory Listing

Merri Biechler

Adjunct Professor of Theater History, Playwriting

Holly Cole

Professor Emerita, Theater

William Condee

Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts

Matthew Cornish

Assistant Professor of Theater History

Rani Deighe Crowe

Assistant Director of School of Dance, Film, and Theater

Shelley Delaney

Associate Professor of Performance- Head Performance

Dennis Delaney

Associate Professor of Theater/Directing

Daniel Denhart

Associate Professor of Production Design and Technology

Daniel C. Dennis

Visiting Assistant Professor of Voice and Movement

Brian Evans

Associate Professor of Performance

Thomas Fiocchi

Props Technology/Specialist, Swords and weapons for stage, Theater

Ledger Free

Audience Services Coordinator, Theater

David Haugen

Associate Professor of Performance

Lowell Jacobs

Master Audio/Master Electrics, Theater

Elynmarie Kazle

Professor of Stage Production

Joanna Koefoed

Instructor, Theater

Michael Lincoln

Artistic Director/Head, Theater

Treva Nichols

Budget Manager and accountant, Theater

Cassandra Paine

Lecturer, Theater

Laura Parrotti

Associate Professor of Performance

Erik Ramsey

Associate Professor of Theater/Playwriting

Robert St.Lawrence

Professor of Management

Steven Ross

Director School of Dance, Film, and Theater and Artistic Director/ Head of Film Division, Dance

C. David Russell

Assistant Professor of Production Design and Technology; Scenic Design

Madeleine Scott

Professor Emerita, Dance

Helene Siebrits

Associate Professor of Theater

Charles Smith

Distinguished Professor of Theater/Playwriting

Rebecca VerNooy

Assistant Professor of Performance

Dan Winters

Adjunct Professor of Lighting Design/Performance Photography

Lorraine Wochna

Subject Librarian for Film, Theatre, English and African American Studies, Film