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School of Dance, Film, and Theater
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Directory Listing

Merri Biechler

Assistant Director of Dance, Film, Theater
(740) 593-4818

William F. Condee

Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts
(740) 593-1314

Matthew Cornish

Assistant Professor of Theater History
(740) 593-4818

Shelley Delaney

Professor of Performance- Head Performance
(740) 593-4818

Dennis Delaney

Associate Professor of Theater/Directing
(740) 593-4261

Daniel Denhart

Associate Professor of Production Design and Technology
(740) 593-4818

Daniel C. Dennis

Visiting Assistant Professor of Voice and Movement
(740) 593-6422

Brian Evans

Associate Professor of Performance
(740) 593-4818

Thomas Fiocchi

Props Technology/Specialist, Swords and weapons for stage, Theater
(740) 593-4263

Ledger Free

Audience Services Coordinator, Theater
(740) 593-4800

David Haugen

Associate Professor of Performance
(740) 593-4818

Ian Hinz

Producing Director, Theater
(740) 566-6424

Lowell Jacobs

Master Audio/Master Electrics, Theater
(740) 593-4261

Elynmarie Kazle

Professor of Stage Production

Joanna Koefoed

Instructor, Theater
(740) 593-4818

Michael Lincoln

Artistic Director/Head, Theater
(740) 593-4818

Treva Nichols

Budget Manager and accountant, Theater
(740) 593-4815

Cassandra Paine

Lecturer, Theater
(740) 593-4818

Laura Parrotti

Associate Professor of Performance
(740) 593-4818

Erik Ramsey

Associate Professor of Theater/Playwriting
(740) 593-4818

Steven Ross

Director School of Dance, Film, and Theater and Artistic Director/ Head of Film Division, Dance
(740) 593-9969

C. David Russell

Assistant Professor of Production Design and Technology; Scenic Design
(740) 593-4818

Madeleine Scott

Professor Emerita, Dance
(740) 593-1808

Helene Siebrits

Associate Professor of Theater
(740) 566-6431

Charles Smith

Distinguished Professor of Theater/Playwriting
(740) 593-4261

Drew Surovjak

Administrative Associate, Theater
(740) 593-4818

Rebecca VerNooy

Associate Professor of Performance
(740) 593-4818

Dan Winters

Adjunct Professor of Lighting Design/Performance Photography
(740) 593-4818

Lorraine Wochna

Subject Librarian for Film, Theatre, English and African American Studies, Film
(740) 597-1238