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Requirements & Standards

Undergraduate Admissions Requirements 

The Theater Division accepts all students who are accepted by Ohio University standards.

Prospective Students who wish to pursue a degree in the Theater Division apply to Ohio University as General Theater Majors (Major Code BA5194). Once a student is accepted by the University they are accepted into the Theater Division as a general major. The first year theater coursework is designed to prepare students for the BA in General Theater or application into the BFA program of their choice (Management, Performance, or Production Design & Technology).

General Admission Information for Graduate Programs

Graduate students are selected after careful review of portfolios, writings, or auditions. The GRE is not required, but a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required, except in cases of provisional admittance.

Our faculty attend U/RTA auditions in New York and Chicago. We will be recruiting for 2015-2016 for the following programs: Professional Acting Program, Production Design and Technology, Professional Playwriting Program, and the Professional Directing Program.

Ohio University Admissions

The first year undergraduate student will takes 9.0 credit hours of Theater course work fall semester and 9.0 credit hours of Theater course work Spring semester, in addition to at least 3-9 credit hours of General Education requirements.



THAR 1090 - Lunchbag Theater Seminar Series 0 credits

THAR 1730 - Fundamentals of Play Analysis and Playwriting 3 credits

THAR 1391 OR 1392 - Fundamentals of Scenery, Props, Costumes and Costume Crafts / Fundamentals of Lighting, Sound and Stage Management 3 credits  

THAR 1110 - Fundamentals of Performance I  3 credits  

Tier II - Social Science 3 credits

Tier II - Cross Cultural Foreign Language 3 credits



THAR 1090 - Lunchbag Theater Seminar Series  0 credits

THAR 1720 - Elements of Performance 3 credits

THAR 1111 - Fundamentals of Performance II 3 credits

THAR 1391 or 1392 - Fundamentals of Scenery, Props, Costumes and Costume Crafts / Fundamentals of Lighting, Sound and Stage Management 3 credits

THAR 1390 - Design Principles for the Stage 3 credits

Tier II - Humanities 3 credits


The BA degree requires study of a single Foreign Language through the 2120 level. Students may place at a higher level based on high school language study. All students are encouraged to start their Foreign Language during the first year. Students that are selected for the BFA programs will still be satisfying their Tier II Cross-Cultural perspectives requirement even though a Foreign Language is not required for the BFA programs.

Students considering the BFA in Stage Management program are encouraged to take MATH 1090 - Consumer Math, as it also satisfies the financial
comprehension component of this program.

First year theater students: Many first year students (as well as upper class students) find performance outlets by participating as actors in: Playwrights' Madness (short pieces written by graduate playwriting students performed publicly on Friday nights); Film Division student projects; Media Arts student projects; projects produced by student organizations; play readings; etc.

Every theater major: is required to participate in Practicum (work on mainstage or studio shows) every semester. This may be: in any of the production shops (lighting, scene, props, paints, etc.), work as a stage manager, assistant director, running crew, actor, etc.