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Theater History Criticism

The MA in Theater History and Criticism is currently not recruiting.

The purpose of the degree is to prepare students for scholarly or research activity, whether associated with an academic institution or a professional theater. Students will gain comprehensive experience in research methodologies, critical theories, creative analysis, scholarly writing, and pedagogical techniques. The degree is an excellent basis for introductory teaching in higher education, work as a dramaturg, or further study toward a terminal degree in theater.

The degree is intended for a number of different kinds of students:

  • Those interested in gaining an advanced degree in theater history and criticism in the context of a professionally oriented theater division. This education can be especially valuable for students interested in dramaturgy. Students gain a solid basis of general and advanced coursework in drama, theater history, and criticism, and are able to apply this work through dramaturgy on division productions. An internship at a professional theater is especially valuable in this case.


  • Students who want a first graduate degree in preparation for an M.F.A. or Ph.D program. The academic rigor and broad scope of this degree can be a valuable testing ground for students to determine their subsequent educational goals.


  • Foreign students who are able to study in the United States only long enough to earn an M.A. degree. Students gain a solid, thorough education in Western theater history and criticism, as well as scholarly and pedagogical methodologies.