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School of Dance, Film, and Theater


Where is the Theater Division?

The Theater Division is housed, primarily, in Kantner Hall, located on College Street (right next door to the City of Athens Parking Garage).

Any Ohio University student is eligible to audition for Theater Division main stage or studio shows. First year undergraduates (including theater majors) may not audition for main stage shows until the Spring Semester (spring auditions are held at the beginning of the fall semester).

Any Ohio University student may be granted permission to work in a technical capacity for a main stage, studio or lab production. This work can be performed for practicum credit or on a volunteer basis. All Ohio University students have the unique opportunity to attend all Theater Division Productions (as well as most other events offered by schools in the College of Fine Arts) for FREE, due to special Arts for Ohio Funding. Reservations can be made by calling The Memorial Auditorium Box Office at 740-593-1780.

All Ohio University, faculty, staff, families and community members are encouraged to be a member of our audience. Tickets can be purchased as a subscription or individually by calling The Memorial Auditorium Box Office at 740-593-1780.


What is the best way for a non-major to become involved in the Theater Division?

· Every Friday from 12pm – 12:45pm the School of Dance, Film, and Theater holds an All-School Meeting we call “Lunch Bag”. This meeting is open to the public. This is a wonderful resource for students to meet other students, find out about production opportunities, and interact with visiting artists, special guests and alumni.

· Taking classes in the Theater Division is a great way to become a part of our Community, meet faculty and staff and meet other students.

· Being an audience member is a wonderful way for students to begin their involvement! Each production usually gets its own MiXedBag and audience participation is encouraged.  


Where can I get my other questions answered?

· You are encouraged to contact the Theater Division directly: 

Phone: 740-593-4818.


or in person by visiting Kantner Hall 307.