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Resources & Materials

Undergraduate Students


College of Fine Arts Talent-Based Awards

Fine Arts Talent-Based Renewable Scholarships
These competitive, renewable awards require an audition, portfolio review and/or interview for consideration.


Freshmen Awards

Fine Arts Talent Awards (FATA) - Amount of awards vary based on applicant pool.

Fine Arts Talent Trustee Award - Reserved for non-resident students who meet both the academic and talent requirements of the award valued at $6000.

Transfer Awards

A limited number of talent-based awards are available and are renewable for up to 2 years.


Endowed Awards

A limited number of scholarships and awards of varying amounts are available to majors in the College of Fine Arts. Some awards are renewable; others are granted on a one-time basis, renewable at the discretion of the school involved. Awards are based primarily on talent demonstrated through audition, interview, and/or portfolio submission. Please refer to specific school for more information.


University Scholarship Awards

All students applying to the university are automatically considered for any Ohio University academic awards for which they are eligible; there is no separate scholarship application for prospective students.

All returning students are automatically considered for any Ohio University academic award for which they are eligible so long as the online scholarship application/scholarship renewal process is completed.
All students holding renewable scholarships should complete the online process each year in order to have their scholarship re-awarded. Be sure to check the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships website for information regarding returning student (upperclass) deadlines and procedures.

Because numerous scholarships offered by the University require verification of financial need, students wishing to be considered for Ohio University scholarships are strongly encouraged to complete the FAFSA.

Requirements for Scholarship Students

Ohio University renewable scholarships have specific requirements for recipients to retain their awards. If you have questions about the academic requirements for a scholarship, please contact the Scholarship Chairperson in your school or the Student Services Office (593-1812) in Jennings House.

University Renewable Scholarships:

The Gateway Program offers renewable awards, including the full in-state tuition Gateway Excellence Scholarship. The program is designed to blend merit and need-based aid to eligible students. The Gateway Award Program is applicable to first-year students who are new to the Athens campus of Ohio University in Fall 2011-2012. Eligibility is based on a sliding scale of academic merit, as determined by either the ACT composite or SAT math and critical reading scores, and financial need, as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Ohio University also provides multicultural/diversity awards. These renewable scholarships are awarded through the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships and require certain criteria in order to be renewed each year. Academic Transfer Scholarships are available and are renewable up to 2 years. For information, please click here.

Because numerous scholarships offered by the University require verification of financial need, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the FAFSA. For additional information regarding University scholarships and financial aid, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships website.


Undergraduate Grants, Research and Funding

The College of Fine Arts and Ohio University offer a number of opportunities for undergraduate students to obtain support for creative and scholarly activities. The following links provide additional information about these awards and funding opportunities.

College of Fine Arts Deans Undergraduate Creative Research Awards

Guidelines, Application, Terms of Agreement







Provosts Undergraduate Research Fund

Guidelines and Application







Student Enhancement Awards

Guidelines and Information

Additional information regarding university research and creative activity funding for undergraduates may be found here.




Undergraduate Student Services

The College of Fine Arts student services office provides administrative support to students including assistance with such issues as:


  • Changing major to another College at Ohio University
  • Changing major between Schools within the College of Fine Arts
  • Adding a class after the deadline
  • Dropping a class after the drop deadline
  • Registering for more than 20 credit hours
  • Course withdrawals
  • Pass/Fail grade option
  • Course Credit by Examination (CCE)/Correspondence Courses/Independent Study
  • Class registration appeals (enrolled in wrong section, incorrect credit hours etc.)
  • Academic probation or reinstatement
  • Study Abroad Clearance
  • Transient Student Status

Take the CoFA BSO 2012-2013 survey.

For additional information please contact Tina Deeter at 740-593-1812 in the College of Fine Arts Student Services Office, Jennings House.



Undergraduate Academic Advising

All students on the Athens campus in the College of Fine Arts are assigned to a faculty advisor within their major. Students should meet with their academic advisors on a regular basis to discuss course registration, career paths, and graduation requirements. Fine Arts students on any regional campus should contact their student services office.

College of Fine Arts BA Updates/Information

  • Effective Fall, 2010, students pursuing a BA degree through the College of Fine Arts will be governed by new guidelines related to the 3 distribution areas as follows:
  • Arts & Sciences Humanities Area: Complete 12 hours from at least 3 areas. Note: Courses from the Department of your major(s) and courses used to fulfill the foreign language requirement will not count in this category. This category has expanded choices for Fine Arts classes. Consult the on-line catalog or your DARS to view these additional courses.
  • Arts & Sciences Social Sciences Area: Complete 12 hours from 2 or more areas areas with at least 8 hours in one area. Note: Courses from the Department of your major(s) will not count in this category.
  • Arts & Sciences Natural Sciences Area: Complete 12 hours from 2 or more areas areas with at least 8 hours in one area. Note: Courses from the Department of your major(s) will not count in this category.
  • To determine if these new guidelines would be beneficial for you, try the "What-If" DARS option on-line and put in Fall 2010 as your catalog of entry. If this updated program works better for you, please go to the student services office in your school to have them officially request this change for you on your DARS.


  • Please note: Students who opt for a second BA degree through the College of Arts and Sciences will be governed by the distribution area guidelines required for that College as stated in the on-line catalog. Each distribution area requires a total of 18 hours from 2 or more areas with at least 8 hours in one area. There are no expanded choices for Fine Arts classes in the A&S Humanities distribution area.



  • Selected courses can satisfy requirements in 2 places--called "Double Dipping". For example, ANTH 101 will work for one of the A&S Social Sciences distribution area requirements and will also satisfy the Tier II Cross-Cultural perspectives requirement. For a complete list of these smart choices, choose your appropriate entry year below from the "Tips for BA Double Dipping" heading and click on the link for a pdf you can use.



Tips for BA Double Dipping


Quick Academic Resource Links



Graduation with Honor

The g.p.a requirements for graduation with honor are: cum laude (with honor), 3.5 to 3.749; magna cum laude (with high honor), 3.75 to 3.899; and summa cum laude (with highest honor), 3.9 to 4.0. The Latin honors notation will appear on your diploma and in the commencement program.

To be eligible for graduation with honor, you must complete a minimum of 48 hours of coursework with letter grades that affect your g.p.a. in residence at Ohio University. Successful completion of a special honors program of study is noted in the Commencement program and on your diploma. Graduation with honor does not apply to associate's or graduate degrees.

For more information click here.


Academic Probation

Effective Summer Quarter 2010-11 Ohio University’s probation policy will be changed as follows:

At the close of the quarter, the academic record of each enrolled undergraduate student (regardless of student enrollment status) will be reviewed to verify the accumulative GPA. At the time of the review, if you do not have the required 2.0 minimum accumulative GPA, you will be placed on academic probation. To be removed from probation, your accumulative GPA must reach at least a 2.0.

Students with fewer than 135 credit hours earned: If you have fewer than 135 credit hours earned and are not removed from probation, you will be continued on probation or academically dismissed. To be continued on probation, you must have either 1) term quarter GPA at least 2.0 or 2) accumulative GPA equal to or greater than the minimum GPA defined by your hours earned:

Total Hours Earned Minimum Accumulative GPA to be Continued on Probation
0 — 44.9 1.6
45.00 — 89.99 1.8
90.00 — 134.99 1.9



If you are on probation and fail both of the criteria described above, you will be academically dismissed.

Students with 135 or more credit hours earned: If you are on probation in a given term and you have 135 or more credit hours earned at the end of that term, you must achieve a 2.0 accumulative GPA to avoid academic dismissal.
















When a student is dropped, he/she may petition the Assistant Dean of the College of Fine Arts (Jennings House) for reinstatement, but normally reinstatement will not be granted until at least 12 months after suspension. If the student has been dropped from the University a second time, reinstatement is only possible under extraordinary circumstances and usually is not granted until at least 24 months after the second suspension. Reinstatement may be permanently denied to students with more than two academic suspensions.

Reinstated students must earn an accumulative term GPA of 2.0 or higher upon return or they will be academically suspended.


College Standards for Performance

Some Schools in the College of Fine Arts maintain higher than 2.0 standards of performance for continuance and graduation in the major. Be sure to talk to your academic advisor to determine whether your degree program requires a specific minimum g.p.a.



Graduate Students


Grants, Research and Funding

Graduate support is available in the form of teaching, research, and graduate associateships and tuition waivers. Graduate internships are also available for selected degree programs. You can obtain information on graduate support and financial aid by contacting the director of the graduate program in each school.

The following are funding sources within the College of Fine Arts:

The I. Hollis Parry/Ann Parry Billman Fine Arts Award

The I. Hollis Parry/Ann Parry Billman Fine Arts Award is offered in the spirit of new creation to stimulate thoughts, insights, and ideas. It is awarded to a talented graduate student allowing the students to realize a project that may not have been possible due to financial restrictions. The award may be used for, but not limited to: international travel and research, collaborative performance, travel to an “on-location” film shoot, or to build, purchase or rent equipment, etc.

Click here for application guidelines.

Graduate Creative & Scholarly Activity Travel Support

The College of Fine Arts has established a fund to help support graduate students professional activity. Awards of $100.00 (minimum) to $250.00 (maximum) to help defray travel costs will be made to College of Fine Arts graduate students whose creative and/or scholarly work has been accepted for presentation. Students are limited to one award per academic year.

Click here for application guidelines.

Ohio University Graduate Fellowship

Five fellowships, funded through the Office of the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies are available annually:

  • The John Cady Graduate Fellowship
  • The Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship
  • The Claude Kantner Graduate Fellowship
  • The Anthony Trisolini Graduate Fellowship
  • The Graduate Fellowship

Read more about the Fellowships by clicking here.

Information and links regarding additional funding sources may be found at the following websites:


Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

Click here.



The CREATE_space

The CREATE_space, formerly the Aesthetic Technologies Lab, provides technological resources and expertise for creative research, exploring arts, technology, and entrepreneurship. Residing in the College of Fine Arts Putnam Hall, the CREATE_space is directly accessible for HTC students, graduates, faculty, staff, and undergraduates with faculty support. By offering consultations, workshops, and lectures, along with high-end technologies, the CREATE_space provides the University with an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary space for creative research.