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Graduate Resources


Graduate Students


Grants, Research and Funding

Graduate support is available in the form of teaching, research, and graduate associateships and tuition waivers. Graduate internships are also available for selected degree programs. You can obtain information on graduate support and financial aid by contacting the director of the graduate program in each school.

The following are funding sources within the College of Fine Arts:

The I. Hollis Parry/Ann Parry Billman Fine Arts Award

The I. Hollis Parry/Ann Parry Billman Fine Arts Award is offered in the spirit of new creation to stimulate thoughts, insights, and ideas. It is awarded to a talented graduate student allowing the students to realize a project that may not have been possible due to financial restrictions. The award may be used for, but not limited to: international travel and research, collaborative performance, travel to an “on-location” film shoot, or to build, purchase or rent equipment, etc.

Click Here for application guidelines.

Graduate Creative & Scholarly Activity Travel Support

The College of Fine Arts has established a fund to help support graduate students professional activity. Awards of $100.00 (minimum) to $250.00 (maximum) to help defray travel costs will be made to College of Fine Arts graduate students whose creative and/or scholarly work has been accepted for presentation. Students are limited to one award per academic year.

Click here for application guidelines.

Ohio University Graduate Fellowship

Five fellowships, funded through the Office of the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies are available annually:

  • The John Cady Graduate Fellowship
  • The Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship
  • The Claude Kantner Graduate Fellowship
  • The Anthony Trisolini Graduate Fellowship
  • The Graduate Fellowship

Read more about the Fellowships by clicking here.

Information and links regarding additional funding sources may be found at the following websites:


Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

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The CREATE_space

The CREATE_space is the trans-disciplinary Creative Research unit of the College of Fine Arts. The CREATE_space provides technological resources and expertise for creative research, exploring arts, technology, and entrepreneurship. 

Residing in the College of Fine Arts Putnam Hall, the CREATE_space is directly accessible for graduates from 9am - 5pm weekdays and after hours, all week, with secure access. Resources for checkout is accessible online on the website, available for pickup/return daily, and open twelve months of the year.

By offering consultations, workshops, and lectures, along with high-end technologies, the CREATE_space provides the University with an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary space for creative research. Students engage with the space at their pace, at their level, and in their time. For more information, visit