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Great Britain Education Abroad Opportunities

Great Britain Education Abroad Opportunities

Thank you for considering our diverse and exciting programs based in London, England. We hope you can find a Great Britain experience that meets your academic interests, budget concerns, and time available for you to spend abroad. Students find that each of our programs differ distinctly from the others. For example, the Art History in London December Intersession program has proven very popular with students with limited time to spend abroad, while the Fine Arts in London Spring Program is preferred by those who wish to completely immerse themselves in London's diverse social and cultural life. Many students find that the Art & Art History in Great Britain summer program is overall our best option financially, as costs for this month long experience are kept down by residing in a dorm, which provides two meals daily.

Please note that the academic focus of these programs also differs considerably. The December Intersession program focuses upon art history, the December Global Theatre Institute provides you with the opportunity to attend and critique world class plays, & the Art and Art History Summer program offers a wide variety of art history and art studio courses. The Fine Arts in London Spring program has different College of Fine Arts professors participating yearly; music, theater, interdisciplinary arts, art history and art studio classes have all been regularly offered during this quarter abroad. Several of these programs provide you with day trips into the English countryside, and the summer program travels to Edinburgh, Scotland.

So please browse through our website and choose the program which best fits your personal and educational needs. Please contact the director of that program with any questions, and they will respond very quickly with further details. Thanks for considering us!


Great Britain Study Abroad Programs offered through the College of Fine Arts:

Exploring Art in London: Winter Intersession

Art, Art History & Film in London & Edinburgh: Summer

Fine Arts in London Spring Program