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Global Opportunities

COFA Education Abroad Programs

Ohio University provides a wide range of opportunities to earn college credit through Education Abroad programs. The College of Fine Arts sponsors a number of these program offerings. Students may select from programs throughout the world. Information regarding a specific program may be obtained from the sponsoring school and/or the Global Opportunities office.

So please browse through our website and choose the program which best fits your personal and educational needs. Please contact the director of that program with any questions, and they will respond very quickly with further details. Thanks for considering us!

For information regarding all of the many programs offered by Ohio University and to learn more specific information regarding applications, fees, tuition costs, and travel/living expenses please visit the Global Opportunities website.


Funding For Education Abroad

STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE (February 1, 2016 deadline)

You will find the info on scholarships on the funding page of the Office of Global Opportunities website: Here

Several of our global opportunities programs offer scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. The amounts vary, so please check with the director of the program you are interested in.

Students participating in any of our summer education Abroad programs can apply for the Office of Global Opportunities: Summer Travel Grant.

Ohio University financial aid may be applied to Ohio University-sponsored global opportunities and exchange programs, programs offered through the Ohio International Consortium (OIC), and affiliated third party providers.

The Office of Global Opportunities has more information available about Scholarships and GrantsOn this page go to the heading titled Office of Global Opportunities.  Then click on The Office of Global Opportunities Need-Based Travel Grant for the link to Summer Scholarships.

Program Title: Experience Cuba: The Culture, People, History and the Arts
Region: Havana
Schedule: Spring Break 2016
Schools: Music & Dance
Contact Person: Paschal Younge
Office: 471C Glidden Hall
Phone: 740-566-6447
Program Title: Ohio University Marching Band: Wind Bands Abroad
Region: Paris, France & surrounding area
Schedule: Summer 2016 (dates to be determined)
School: Music
Contact Person: Ricky Suk
Office: 497 Glidden Hall
Phone: 740-593-1110
Region: Hungary & Romania
Schedule: One month summer program (dates not yet determined)
School: Art + Design
Contact Person: Alex Hibbitt
Office: 528 Seigfred Hall
Phone: 740-593-9996
ITALY (2 options)
Program Title: Art History in Italy
Region: Based in Florence & Rome. Travel to other Italian cities and sites.
Schedule: 3 week summer program. Next trip is summer of 2017.
School: Art + Design
Contact Person: Marilyn Bradshaw
Office: 437 Seigfred Hall
Phone: 740-593-0274
Region: Based in Rome with several day trips
Schedule: 4 week summer program (dates not yet determined)
School: Art + Design
Contact Person: Vincent Caranchini
Office: Grover Center W321A
Phone: 740-593-4288
UNITED KINGDOM (4 options)
Program Title: Fine Arts, London
Region: Based in London with day trips
Schedule: Spring Semester 2016
Schools: Sponsored by the College of Fine Arts
Contact Person: Andre Gribou
Office: 450 Glidden Hall
Phone: 740-707-1244
Program Title: Exploring Art in London
Region: London
Schedule: December 26, 2015 – January 5, 2016
Contact Person: Jody Lamb
Office: Jennings House or 436 Seigfred Hall
Phones: 740-593-1811 or 740-593-0586
Program Title: Discovering the Fine Arts in Great Britain
Region: London, Edinburgh and day trips
Schedule: 4 weeks during summer 2016 (dates not yet determined)
Contact Person: Jody Lamb
Office: Jennings House or 436 Seigfred Hall
Phones: 740-593-1811 or 740-593-0586
Region: Travel to several cities in the United Kingdom
Schedule: 2 weeks abroad in May (dates not yet determined)
Contact Person: Daniel Hall
Office: 351 Glidden Hall 
Phone: 740-593-4231


Global Opportunities

Jody Lamb

Associate Dean of College of Fine Arts