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Study Abroad

COFA Education Abroad Programs

Ohio University provides a wide range of opportunities to earn college credit through Education Abroad programs. The College of Fine Arts sponsors a number of these program offerings. Students may select from programs throughout the world. Information regarding a specific program may be obtained from the sponsoring school and/or the Education Abroad office.

So please browse through our website and choose the program which best fits your personal and educational needs. Please contact the director of that program with any questions, and they will respond very quickly with further details. Thanks for considering us!

For information regarding all of the many programs offered by Ohio University and to learn more specific information regarding applications, fees, tuition costs, and travel/living expenses please visit the Education Abroad website.


Funding For Education Abroad

Several of our Education Abroad programs offer scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. The amounts vary, so please check with the director of the program you are interested in.

Students participating in any of our summer education Abroad programs can apply for the Office of Education Abroad's Summer Travel Grant.

Please also check the extensive Funding information on the Education Abroad website
Ohio University financial aid may be applied to Ohio University-sponsored study abroad and exchange programs, programs offered through the Ohio International Consortium (OIC), and affiliated third party providers.

The Office of Education Abroad has more information available about Scholarships and Grants by clicking here.

Great Britain

Great Britain Study Abroad Opportunities

Exploring Art in London: Winter Break

Discovering the Fine Arts in London Summer Program Description

Discovering the Fine Arts in London Summer Course Descriptions

Fine Arts in London Spring Program


Other Education Abroad Opportunities



Region: Burg Giebichenstein, Kunst Hoch Schule, Halle
Title: Ceramics, School of Art majors: undergraduate or graduate students
Schedule: One semester
School: Art
Contact: Brad Schwieger
Phone: 593-1673


Region: Ho, Volta Region
Title: Summer in Ghana
Schedule: Summer 2013 three weeks, June 3 - June 23, 2013
School: Music
Contact: Paschal Yao Younge
Phone: 593-1631

Professor Paschal Younge of Ohio University has partnered with CIS Abroad to offer a unique summer experience. Depart on a journey to Ghana and participate in this 3-week intensive program. Experience African cultures through visual and performing arts in this unique introduction to various topics in African Traditional and Popular Culture, Philosophy, and Visual and Performing Arts. Ohio University students are encouraged to apply through CIS. Please find more information here.


Region: Kecskemet
Title: Ceramics in Hungary
Schedule: Summer Session
School: Art
Contact: Brad Schwieger
Phone: 593-1673

For more information click here.


Region: Florence & Rome
Title: Art History in Italy
Schedule: Odd Years, Summer Session 1 (2009, 2011, etc)
School: Art
Contact: Marilyn Bradshaw
Phone: 593-4282

For more information click here.


Region: Rome
Title: Architectural Drawing in Rome, Italy
Schedule: Three weeks, June 15, 2012- July 13, 2012 (Tentatively)
School: Art
Contact: Vincent S. Wojtas
Phone: 593-4492

For more information click here.




Region: Bergen
Title: Student or Scholar exchange; University of Bergen, Grieg Academy
Schedule: Semester or academic year
School: Music
Contact: 593-4244



New York City

Title: Graphic Design Tour
Schedule: Summer
School: Art
Contact: Don Adleta,

To view past information on how to apply and cost, please click here.  

View a past schedule click here.


Study Abroad

Jody Lamb

Associate Dean of College of Fine Arts