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Directory Listing

Paul Barte

Associate Professor of Music History
(740) 593-4253

Brent E. Beeson

Lecturer and Clinical Practicum Coordinator, Music

Gail Berenson

Professor Emeritus of Piano Performance
(740) 707-0486

Kyle Berkley

Adjunct Professor of Voice
(740) 593-4244

Lucas Rego Borges

Assistant Professor of Trombone
(740) 566-6438

Joshua Boyer

Assistant Director of Marching and Athletic Bands
(740) 566-6439

Roger Braun

Professor of Percussion
(740) 597-1675

Laura Brown

Assistant Professor of Music Therapy
(740) 593-4234

Dorothy E. Bryant

Professor Emeritus of Music Education
(740) 593-4243

Kelly W. Burns

Assistant Professor of Voice
(740) 593-4235

Michael Carrera

Associate Professor of Music
(740) 593-4244

Michele Fiala

Associate Professor of Oboe
(740) 593-4244

Garrett Field

Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology/Musicology
(614) 684-8075

Christopher Fisher

Professor of Piano; Chair, Keyboard Division, Music
(740) 593-4233

Kamile Geist

Associate Professor of Music Therapy
(740) 593-4249

Andre Gribou

Professor of Piano/Composition/General Studies
(740) 707-1244

Christopher Hayes

Director of School of Music
(740) 593-4244

John Horne

Adjunct Professor of Guitar/Jazz Studies
(740) 593-4244

Steven Huang

Associate Professor of Instrumental Conducting-Orchestral
(740) 593-4240

Matthew James

Professor of Saxophone & Jazz Studies
(740) 593-0957

Helen Kasler

Administrative Associate, Music
(740) 593-4244

Margaret Kennedy-Dygas

Professor of Voice, Music Theory, Music Literature

Paul Mayhew

Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education
(850) 274-9232

Robert McClure

Professor of of Composition/Theory 

Matthew Morris

Instructor of Bassoon and Music Theory/Supervisor of Mus 1000, Mus1011 and 1021 Graduate Teaching Assistants, Music
(740) 593-4244

Bradley Naylor

Director of of Choral Activities
(740) 593-4244

Sean Parsons

Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies, Music Theory

Mark W. Phillips

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Music Composition & Electronic Music, Music
(740) 593-4244

Stephanie Price-Wong

Adjunct Professor of Viola
(614) 638-9949

Gabriel Prynn

Visiting Assistant Professor of Cello
(740) 593-4231

Christopher Purdy

Piano Technician, Music
(740) 593-4230

Allyn Reilly

Professor Emeritus of Music Theory
(740) 593-4244

Debra Rentz

Chair of Voice Division & Lecturer, Music
(740) 566-6450

Rebecca Rischin

Professor of Clarinet
(740) 707-7061

Andrew Ryker

Assistant Professor of Opera/Voice, Director of Opera
(740) 593-4244

John Schlabach

Professor of Trumpet
(740) 593-4244

Ciro Scotto

Associate Professor of Music Theory
(740) 566-6437

Anne Marie Scotto

Adjunct Instructor of Music Theory, Collaborative Piano, Music
(740) 593-4244

Matthew R. Shaftel, Ph. D.

Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Professor of Music and Interdisciplinary Arts
(740) 593-1809

Alison Brown Sincoff

Professor of Flute
(740) 707-5849

Jason Roland Smith

Professor of Tuba & Euphonium; Chair, Performance Studies Division; Chair, Scholarship Committee
(740) 593-1620

Jennifer M. Smith

Lecturer of Music Theory, Music
(740) 566-6452

C. Scott Smith

Associate Professor of Horn, Music Theory
(740) 593-4244

Erin Spring

Adjunct Professor of Music Therapy
(740) 593-4244

Richard Suk

Professor of Music Education; Director of the Marching 110
(740) 593-1110

Matthew Talbert

Assistant Professor of Music Education

Andrew Trachsel

Director of Bands; Associate Professor of Conducting, Music
(740) 593-1670

Garry Wasserman

Adjunct Professor of Bass
(317) 345-6151 (Cell)

Richard Wetzel

Professor of Music History
(740) 593-1652

Carla Williams

Music and Special Projects Librarian, Music
(740) 593-4256

Dawn Dongeun Wohn

Assistant Professor of Strings; Chair of String Division

Stephanie Wu

Visiting Assistant Professor of Piano

Paschal Yao Younge

Professor of Music Education
(740) 236-0521