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Undergraduate Programs

The School of Music offers a wide variety of undergraduate music degree programs designed to meet the professional career interests of students. The School offers the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts in Music degrees, an Honors Tutorials College music program, a Minor in Music, and a Minor in Jazz Studies.

Bachelor of Music Degree  

The Bachelor of Music (B.M.) is a professional degree and prepares talented students for careers in music that require an in-depth background in musicianship and applied study, music academic courses, and the discipline-specific training within each degree program. Students who plan to pursue advanced degrees in music normally earn the undergraduate Bachelor of Music.

Undergraduate Degree programs include:

Bachelor of Arts in Music 

The Bachelor of Arts in Music (B.A.) is designed for students with excellent musicianship who seek a broader degree program than is typically possible within a B.M. curriculum. The B.A. requires fewer credits, allowing more opportunities for study in a second area of interest. Double majors, additional minors, and pre-med and pre-law studies are all possible with this program. The B.A. is a true liberal arts degree, and thus prepares students for a wide variety of careers, as well as provides enough flexibility to prepare for graduate school in areas such as music, law, medicine, or business.

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Honors Tutorial College Program

The Honors Tutorial College program in music is designed for excellent scholar-musicians who wish to work closely with dedicated faculty through tutorials, individual lessons, and ensembles. The program balances a commitment to breadth and rigor, while providing opportunities for self-disciplined and highly motivated students to creatively explore fundamental and cutting-edge issues. The degree includes a tutorial each term, applied study and upper-division music courses, language courses, and collateral studies.

Individualized instruction and a flexible curriculum allow each Honors Tutorial College student to pursue a course of study tailored to his or her interests, including music history, music theory, composition, performance, or some combination. Students work with the Director of Studies in music to design a curriculum based on their particular interests and talents, with breadth of experience, depth in selected areas, and superior achievements as the goals. The Director of Studies functions as curriculum advisor and coordinator of tutorials throughout the student’s program.

This program is for high ability students who prefer a more independent approach than is available in traditional programs. Students have the opportunity to progress well beyond material covered in conventional courses, insuring excellent preparation for graduate study.

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Minor in Music

The Minor in Music is offered for students who wish to continue studying music while pursuing a different academic major. The student requests permission from the Associate Director of the School of Music. While a formal audition is not required, applicants must be accepted into a School of Music ensemble before receiving final approval from the College of Fine Arts Dean’s Office.

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Minor in Jazz Studies


The Minor in Jazz Studies is intended for undergraduates who wish to emphasize the study of jazz in addition to their major area of focus. The minor includes coursework in Theoretical Studies, History & Literature, Ensembles, and Electives. There is no applied instrumental requirement to the degree. Interested students should contact the Associate Director to enroll in the degree.

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