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Resources & Materials


Medieval Manuscript Facsimiles
Archives and Special Collections in Alden Library owns an outstanding collection of medieval manuscript facsimiles. These items replicate the experience of viewing and reading the originals. Highlights include the Vatican Vergil (Late Antique), Vienna Dioscurides (Byzantine), Rabbula Gospels (Early Christian), Book of Kells (Insular), Lindisfarne Gospels (Insular), Moutier-Grandval Bible (Carolingian), Utrecht Psalter (Carolingian era), Drogo Sacramentary (Carolingian), Stuttgart Psalter (Carolingian), Codex Egberti (Ottonian), Bamberg Apocalypse (Ottonian), and Apocalypse of Saint-Sever (Mozarabic/Romanesque). Special Collections also possesses an original Gothic pocket Bible, which was produced in France in the thirteenth century. Professor Charles Buchanan takes students of his various courses to the library to examine these invaluable items in person.


Southeast Asian Puppet Collection:
The School of Interdisciplinary Arts is home to a large collection of puppets from Southeast Asia. This collection includes:
Vietnamese water puppets
Burmese marionettes
Thai nang talung shadow puppets
Sundanese (West Java) wayang golek rod puppets
Javanese wayang kulit shadow puppets
Balinese wayang kulit shadow puppets
The numbers range from a dozen to a hundred of each, enough to perform plays in each of these styles. These puppets were acquired by Professor William F. Condee during his field research in Southeast Asia, supported by the Southeast Asian Studies Program and the School of Interdisciplinary Arts. These puppets are used by students in the Southeast Asian Puppetry course. Students work with the puppets during each class, and prepare a final performance based on the stories of the Mahabharata. In addition, students have used these puppets for other performances of their own devising. The puppets were also featured in an exhibition at the Dairy Barn Arts Center, in Athens, Ohio.