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Dissertations Completed


Borders in Post 9/11 Cinema

Gordon Briggs


Molten Steel: The Sound Traffic of the Steelpan

Kristofer W. Olsen 



Dancing in the Seminary: Reconstructing Dances for a 1749 Viceregal Peruvian Opera

Peggy Murray


Sonic Overlook: Blackness Between Sound and Image

Charles Linscott


Pieces of the Body, Shards of the Soul: the Martyrs of Erik Ehn

Rachel Linn


Towards a History and Aesthetics of Reverse Motion

Andrew Tohline


Progress Restoration and the Life of Rock after Alternative

Josh Moon


Transcending Dystopian Spaces: Mobility and the Representation of African Postcolonial Crisis in Film and Literature

Abobo Kumbalonah



Mapping the Cultural Landscape: A Rephotographic Survey of W. Eugene Smith’s Pittsburgh Project

Matthew Conboy


Participatory Art and Urban Space in the Twenty-First Century

Lily Wei


Another Way of Being: The performative practices of contemporary Colombian female artists.

Monica Gontovnik


Performing Sonic Archives: Listening to Berea, Sun Ra, and the Little Cities of Black Diamonds

Brian P. Harnetty


H.P. Lovecraft’s Literary “Supernatural Horror” in Visual Culture

Nathaniel R. Wallace


Spheres of Ambivalence: The Art of Berni Searle and Body Politics of South African Coloured Identity

Erin M. Schwartz


Historical Trauma and the Discourse of Indonesian-ness Contemporary Indonesian Horror Films

Anton Sutandio



Whose Fantasy Is This? Postfeminist American Popular Culture

Shannon A. Harry


Sound and Subjectivity in Contemporary American Theater

Daniel Dennis



The Making and Unmaking of Freedom: Sound, Affect, and Bejing.

Adel Wang


The 'Art' of Class Building in Late Medieval Siena

Laura Dobrynin


The Representation of Globalization in Contemporary Films about Africa

Abdullah Mohammad



The Artistic Patronage Of Albrecht V In Counter-Reformation Munich
Adam Gustafson


The Plow That Broke The Plains: An Analysis Of American Musical Identity Through Function, Context, And Association
Jason Hartz

Body Of Tradition: Becoming A Woman Dalang In Bali
Jennifer Goodlander

Steve Biko And Black Consciousness In Post-Apartheid South African Poetry
Spree MacDonald


The Historical Thought of Film: Terrence Malick and Philosophical Cinema
Steve Rybin

The Responsibility of Forms: Social and Visual Rhetorics of Appalachian Identity
Cari Massey


Labyrinthine Depictions and Tempting Colors: The Synesthetic Dance of Loie Fuller as Symbolist Choreography
Caroline Kappel

Convent Spaces and Religious Women: A Look at a Seventeenth-Century Dichotomy
Liz jones

The "Looouvre" From China: A Critical Study of C.T. Loo and the Framing of Chinese Art in the United States, 1915-1950
Daisy Wang

Cuban Zarzuela and the (Neo)Colonial Imagination: a Subaltern Historiography of Music Theater in the Caribbean
Henry MacCarthy

The Soul That Thinks: Essays on Philosophy, Narrative and Symbol in the Cinema and Thought of Andrei Tarvkovsky
Dan Jones

The Music Behind the Image: A Study of the Social and Cultural Identity of Jazz
Koren Heather Pinson

Mirrors, Morality, and Musings: A Study of Elizabeth Layton's Visual Dialectic
Alesa Mansfield

A Disposition of Transcendence: Christian Platonism and Personalism as Prolegomena for Approaching Art snd Life
Pamela Rossi-Keen

The Dawn is Behind Your Picture: Musical Cubism and Surrealism in Francis Poulenc's Le Travail Du Pentre
Laura Fry


Queerly Masculine: Disrupting the Myth of the Naturalness of the American Masculine Ideal Through the Performance of the Mormom Patriarch
Liz Ruchti

Nine Paintings by Charles Sheeler: a Study in the Literary and Aesthetic Influences upon Sheeler’s Expression of the Local
Heather Stark

Constructing the Category “Entartete Kunst”: the Degenerate Art Exhibition of 1937 and Postmodern Historiography
Mike McKeon


Ana Mendieta: Form and Content in Displacement
Isabel Graziani

The Transformation of the Middle Eastern Dancer in the Painting of Jean Leon Gerome and the Films of Farid Al-atrash
Rihab Bagnole

Symbolist Films
Anna Ma

The Art of Diego Rivera Through the Lens of Existential Psychology
Jonathan Maffay

The Signs of Comedy: A Semiotic Approach to Comedy in the Arts
Matthew Turner

Blurred Boundaries and Return to Authenticity: Image Politics of Art in Cyberspace
Aaron Chiu

Carolina Conte


'Oz' Wide Shut: Cinematic Mythos in Stanley Kubrick's Final Film
James Caplinger

Affinity Between Chant and Image: a Study of a Late Fourteenth-century Florentine Antiphonary/gradual (Baltimore: Walters Art Museum, Ms. W153)
Dale Hoover

Whistler's Application of Musical Terminology to His Paintings: The Search for a Synaesthetic Response
Jo Sager

Ogam and the Integumenta of Word and Image in the Book of Durrow
Lacey Thompson


Chaos Theory and Robert Wilson: A Critical Analysis of Wilson's Visual Arts and Theatrical Performances
Shahida Manzoor

Unveil the Veiled: An Interdisciplinary Study of Aesthetic Ideas in the Works of Piet Mondrian and Samual Beckett
Chinhong Lim Chang


Intervention, Activation and Rupture: in Hans Haacke's Hommage A Marcel Broodthaers and Mac Wellman's Crowbar at the Victory
Rosemarie Basile


Maurice Maeterlinck and Edvard Munch: A Comparative Study of Form and Idea
Masoud Nourizadeh

Eugene O'Neill as Composer: the S.S. Glencairn Cycle
Richard Sater


The Art Of Cora Sandel: A Norwegian Painter and Writer, Alison Aune-Hinkel The Confessional Form: A Structuring Device in Albert Camus' "La Chute" (1957) and Irving Pichel's "They Won't Believe Me" (1947)
Larry Ranney


The Golden Proportion: Is It an Integral Compositional Element in George Bellows' "The Sawdust Trail" and the First Movement of Igor Stravinsky's "Symphony in Three Movements?"
Pat McCoy

Joseph Beuys and Werner Herzog: Giving Voice to a Collective Silence
Scott Boyd

Logos as Number and Proportion in Amiens Cathedral and in the Kyrie of the "Messe De Nostre Dame" by Guillaume De Machaut
Dominique Bardet

The Eye of the I: The Eye as Organizing Principle in the Metafictions of Samuel Beckett and Federico Bellini
Bill Cook


A Concept of Immediacy as Seen in Lin Fengmian's Painting and W. C. Williams' Poetry
Youzhuang Geng.

"The Divine Providence" A Ceiling Decoration at the Palazzo Barberini, and in "The First Anniversarie and The Second Anniversarie"
Mohammad Ali Bhatt