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School of Dance, Film, and Theater

Majdi Ammari

Alumni, Film

(740) 593-1323

Majdi Ammari

Alumni, Film

Work experience:

  • Director in Jordanian T.V. / News Department, Executing the News in Arabic & English.
    Scenarist and Director of two and three Dimension Cartoons / Al-Ofoq company for processing visual information.
  • Scenarist and Director of Educational Curricula programs produced on CDs, theaterizing many educational curricula for the elementary and preparatory levels.
  • Direction of a Documentary Program ( Water Harvesting in Jordan ) that was produced by Panorama Company and was introduced many times on Jordanian T.V. Channel.
  • Writing and directing a set of short stories for the (Bara’im Amman) magazine.
  • Direction and Drama supervision for the text of a children's show (Ammu Abul Afkar) / Fawwaz Al-Zaban Company.
  • Writing Many Children Poems introduced to the Cartoon programs.
  • Director and a co-scenarist of a series of cartoon movies.

Educational Background:

MFA Ohio University, 2012 B.A Directing, Facility of Fine Arts, Yarmouk University, Jordan,

Classes Being Taught: