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RaeGina Covington

MFA 2012, Film

(740) 593-1323

RaeGina Covington

MFA 2012, Film

RaeGina is a born-again filmmaker, with a professional background in Foreign Language Education and Journalism. RaeGina came to Ohio University in her late 30s to learn the art and craft of storytelling through film.

In her 20s and early 30s, RaeGina spent most of her leisure time traveling and exploring the world with her still camera. After two exciting years teaching and living in Asia, she returned to the U.S. with a new mission: to explore and document her own backyard.

RaeGina plans to use her life experiences and academic studies to create narrative and documentary films that speak to her and her communities, wherever they may be.

Currently, she is working on a documentary short entitled "American Dream Foreclosed", which examines Americans waking up to the current economic and energy crises and their struggle to find their place in a post-peak oil world. The film is sponsored by the local PBS affiliate WOUB and her own company, Dreambearer Films.

Educational Background:

B.S. - Education - The Ohio State University M.A. - Journalism - University of Arkansas