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Tony Buba

Owner, Braddock Films, Film

(740) 593-1323

Tony Buba

Owner, Braddock Films, Film

Tony Buba, president of Braddock Films has been producing documentaries since 1972 in both   long and short formats.  Since 1972, the films of Tony Buba have been screened at Sundance,   Toronto, Berlin and other major international film festivals. In 1992, Braddock Films was   incorporated. In addition to producing personal work, Braddock Films has been involved in producing award winning documentaries in the Pittsburgh area.

Tony got his M.F.A from Ohio University in 1976. Tony has worked on feature films including George Romero's "Martin" and "Dawn of the Dead". In "Dawn of the Dead", Tony is a featured motorcycle rider who gets his arm torn off by a blood pressure machine.

We have created a lot of new film links for this site. Now if you go to Filmography, you can click on the links and see the new films that have been uploaded.

Currently Tony and Braddock Films are working three major projects two will be completed this year. Stay in contact to see how much progress is being made. We have made great progress on the story of the closing of Braddock Hospital and have decided on a title, We Are Alive! The Fight To Save Braddock Hospital.

Educational Background:

MFA in Film Production, 1976