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William Condee

Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts

31 South Court Street
(740) 593-1314

William Condee

Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts

William F. Condee (J. Richard Hamilton/Baker and Hostetler Professor of Humanities and Professor of Theater) is the author of two books, Coal and Culture: The Opera House in Appalachia (Ohio University Press, 2005) and Theatrical Space: A Guide for Directors and Designers (Scarecrow Press, 1995), as well as "Experiments with Architectural Space in the German Theatre," in A History of German Theatre (Cambridge University Press, 2008) and "Architecture for the Twentieth Century: Imagining the Theatre in the 1920s," in Experimenters, Rebels, and Disparate Voices: The Theatre of the 1920s Celebrates American Diversity (Greenwood, 2003).

His articles on theatre space have appeared in Journal of American Drama & Theatre, Architectural Review, World Architecture, Journal of American Culture, Scenography International, Theatre Design and Technology, Themes in Drama and McNeese Review. Articles on other subjects have appeared in Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance, Theatre Survey, Theatre Annual, Western European Stages and The Eugene O'Neill Review.

He has delivered papers to international conferences in Beijing ("International Conference on Ibsen and Modernity" and "The Future of Literary Theory: China and the World"), Nanjing (Seventh Triennial Congress of Chinese Comparative Literature Association), Prague ("Theatrical Space in Postmodern Times") Canada ("Why Theatre: Choices for the New Century,") and the United States ("O'Neill on World Stages: An International Conference") and the annual conferences of ATHE, ASTR, NAST, LMDA and USITT. His current research field is puppetry of Southeast Asia, with papers presented at ASTR, Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, and the Hindu Dharma Institute in Bali.

Professor Condee has taught at the University of Leipzig, University of Wales and Vassar College, and has served as Director of the Ohio-Leipzig European Center.

Professor Condee has been the recipient of numerous teaching awards from Ohio University, including the Presidential Teacher Award, Class of 1950 Faculty Excellence Award, College of Fine Arts Outstanding Senior Teacher Award, Honors Tutorial College Outstanding Tutor Award and the Excellence in Education Award from Ohio Magazine. He is also a Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Ping Institute for the Teaching of the Humanities, where he led a summer institute for high school teachers, with funding from the Ohio Humanities Council, entitled "Uncle Tom's Cabin: Race in 19th-Century Ohio."

In the professional theatre, he was dramaturg for the London Young Vic—West End production of A Touch of the Poet, with Vanessa Redgrave and Timothy Dalton, directed by David Thacker. He has also worked as research assistant for Theatre Projects, a London architectural consulting firm. In addition, he appears regularly on Broadway as a clown in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, has performed with the Mandalay Marionettes and has competed in the Boston and New York Marathons.