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Faculty & Staff

Don Adleta

Professor Emeritus of Graphic Design

Zelma Badu-Younge

Professor of Dance: African, Modern, Jazz Techniques, Choreography, Dance Ethnography and World Culture

Sharon Ball

Administrative Coordinator to the Dean, Dean's Office

Paul Barte

Associate Professor of Music History

Tom Bartel

Associate Professor of Ceramics

Rosemarie Basile

Assistant Director of Student Services

Tim Bearse

Visiting Assistant Professor of Trans-disciplinary Art

Gail Berenson

Professor Emeritus of Piano Performance

Nathaniel Berger

Operations Coordinator CREATE_space, Dean's Office

Kyle Berkley

Adjunct Professor of Voice

Merri Biechler

Adjunct Professor of Theater History, Playwriting

John Bohuslawsky

Technical Director/Lighting Designer:, Dance

Lucas Rego Borges

Assistant Professor of Trombone

Joshua Boyer

Assistant Director of Marching and Athletic Bands

Marilyn Bradshaw

Professor of Art History

Roger Braun

Professor of Percussion

Elizabeth Braun

Director of Athens Community Music School and Assistant Dean for Academic Budget Planning

Laura Brown

Assistant Professor of Music Therapy

Dorothy E. Bryant

Associate Professor of Music Education

Charles S. Buchanan

Director of Interdisciplinary Arts

Kelly W. Burns

Assistant Professor of Voice

Vincent Caranchini

Associate Professor of Interior Architecture

Michael Carrera

Associate Professor of Cello, String Division Chair

Holly Cole

Professor Emerita, Theater

William Condee

Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts

Rachel Cornish

Director of External Relations, Dean's Office

Matthew Cornish

Assistant Professor of Theater History

Rani Deighe Crowe

Assistant Director of School of Dance, Film, and Theater

Randolph Damico

Visiting Assistant Professor of Interior Architecture

Steve DeJarnatt

Visiting Assistant Professor of Film

Shelley Delaney

Associate Professor of Performance- Head Performance

Dennis Delaney

Associate Professor of Theater/Directing

Daniel Denhart

Associate Professor of Production Design and Technology

Daniel C. Dennis

Visiting Assistant Professor of Voice and Movement

Brian Dieterle

Ceramic Technician, Art

Matt Dingo

Instructional Technologist II, Art

Samuel Dodd

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History

Pam Douglas

Administrative Assistant (Budget), Dean's Office

Julie Dummermuth

Associate Professor of Painting + Drawing

Aethelred Eldridge

Professor Emeritus of Painting

Ofer Eliaz

Assistant Professor of Film Studies

Brian Evans

Associate Professor of Performance

Michele Fiala

Associate Professor of Oboe

Garrett Field

Visiting Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology / Musicology

Thomas Fiocchi

Props Technology/Specialist, Swords and weapons for stage, Theater

Christopher Fisher

Associate Professor of Piano

Lisa Foerster

Assistant Professor of Voice

Mark Franz

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

Ledger Free

Audience Services Coordinator, Theater

Andrea Frohne

Associate Professor of African Art History

Travis D. Gatling

Artistic Director/ Head, Dance

Kamile Geist

Associate Professor of Music Therapy

Mickie Geller

Professor Emeritus of Dance: Choreography, Ballet, Modern, Senior Capstone

Mona Ghandi

Visiting Assistant Professor of Interior Architecture

Rajorshi Ghosh

Associate Professor of Sculpture + Expanded Practice

Gary Ginther

Fine Arts Librarian, Dean's Office

Andre Gribou

Professor of Piano/Composition/General Studies

Rajko Grlic

Distinguished Professor of Film

Karla Hackenmiller

Professor of Printmaking

Daniel J. Hall

Assistant Professor of Director of Choral Activities

Dan Harper

Assistant Dean of College of Fine Arts Facilities and IT

David Haugen

Associate Professor of Performance

Melissa Haviland

Associate Professor of Printmaking

Christopher Hayes

Director of School of Music

Alex Hibbitt

Associate Professor of Ceramics

John Horne

Adjunct Professor of Guitar/Jazz Studies

Steven Huang

Associate Professor of Instrumental Conducting-Orchestral

Lowell Jacobs

Master Audio/Master Electrics, Theater

Matthew James

Professor of Saxophone & Jazz Studies

Ani Javian

Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance

John L. Butler Jr, C.A.S.

Peterson Sound Studio Manager, Instructor of Sound for the Moving Image and Location Sound Recording Techniques, Film

Helen Kasler

Administrative Associate, Music

Elynmarie Kazle

Professor of Stage Production

Margaret Kennedy-Dygas

Dean of College of Fine Arts

Youmee Kim

Assistant Professor of Piano

Jennie Klein

Associate Professor of Art History

Joanna Koefoed

Instructor, Theater

Jody Lamb

Associate Dean of College of Fine Arts

David LaPalombara

Director and Professor, School of Art + Design, Art

Laura Larson

Associate Professor of Photography + Integrated Media

Marion S. Lee

Associate Professor of Art History

Michael Lincoln

Artistic Director/Head, Theater

Natasha Maidoff

Visiting Assistant Professor of Film

Mary Manusos

Professor Emeritus of Art

Vladimir Marchenkov

Professor of Aesthetics, Theory

Paul Mayhew

Assistant Professor of Music Education

Debra L McAdoo

Assistant to the Director, Dance

Duane McDiarmid

Professor of Sculpture + Expanded Practice

Chuck McWeeny

Dean Emeritus, Early Retiree, Art

Matthew Morris

Instructor of Bassoon and Music Theory/Supervisor of Mus 1000, Mus1011 and 1021 Graduate Teaching Assistants, Music

Paula Morrison

Administrative Associate for the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and the Film Division, Film

Joyce Mulligan

Records Management Specialist, Dean's Office

Treva Nichols

Budget Manager and accountant, Theater

Cassandra Paine

Lecturer, Theater

Laura Parrotti

Associate Professor of Performance

Sean Parsons

Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies, Music Theory

Edward E. Pauley

Director of Director of the Kennedy Museum of Art

Robert Peppers

Professor Emeritus of Painting

Marina Peterson

Associate Professor of Performance Studies

Mark W. Phillips

Distinguished Professor of Music Composition & Electronic Music

Marilyn Poeppelmeyer

Early Retiree, Professor of Sculpture, Art

Erik Ramsey

Associate Professor of Theater/Playwriting

Tresa Randall

Associate Professor of Dance: History, Modern, Ballet, Choreography

Allyn Reilly

Professor Emeritus of Music Theory

Debra Rentz

Chair of Voice Division & Lecturer, Music

Rebecca Rischin

Professor of Clarinet

Robert St.Lawrence

Professor of Management

Steven Ross

Director School of Dance, Film, and Theater and Artistic Director/ Head of Film Division, Dance

Elaine Ross

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory

C. David Russell

Assistant Professor of Production Design and Technology; Scenic Design

DeAnna Russell

Director of Finance, Dean's Office

John Sabraw

Professor of Painting + Drawing

John Schlabach

Professor of Trumpet

Erin Shevaugn Schlumpf

Visiting Assistant Professor of Film Studies

Louis-Georges Schwartz

Associate Professor of Film Studies

Brad Schwieger

Professor of Ceramics

Madeleine Scott

Professor Emerita, Dance

Ciro Scotto

Associate Professor of Music Theory

Helene Siebrits

Associate Professor of Theater

Alison Brown Sincoff

Associate Professor of Flute

Jeffrey Singler

Adjunct Professor of Cello

C. Scott Smith

Associate Professor of Horn, Music Theory

Charles Smith

Distinguished Professor of Theater/Playwriting

Jason Roland Smith

Professor of Tuba & Euphonium; Chair, Performance Studies Division; Chair, Scholarship Committee

Rafal Sokolowski

Assistant Professor of Film

Erin Spring

Adjunct Professor of Music Therapy

Gladys Bailin Stern

Distinguished Professor of Dance: Choreography

Luke Stettner

Visiting Assistant Professor of Photography + Integrated Media

Richard Suk

Professor of Music Education; Director of the Marching 110

David O. Thomas

Professor of Film

Andrew Trachsel

Director of Bands; Associate Professor of Conducting, Music

Rebecca VerNooy

Assistant Professor of Performance

Maureen Wagner

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Arts for Ohio

Marina Gobins Walchli

Professor Emerita, Dance

Garry Wasserman

Adjunct Professor of Bass

Art Werger

Professor of Printmaking

Richard Wetzel

Professor of Music History

Dan Winters

Adjunct Professor of Lighting Design/Performance Photography

Lorraine Wochna

Subject Librarian for Film, Theatre, English and African American Studies, Film

Dawn Dongeun Wohn

Assistant Professor of Violin and Viola

Tanner Young

Sculpture & Woodshop Technician, Art

Paschal Yao Younge

Professor of Music Education

Matthew Ziff

Associate Professor of Interior Architecture