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Florence Italy, Paris France

Florence Italy, Paris France

Florence ItalyThis summer, I was able to spend my time in Florence, Italy learning about the Italian language and culture.I lived in the historical area of Florence called Santa Croce.While there, I took classes learning the native language along with a literary course based on Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy". When I was not in class, I was whisked away to Rome, Pisa, Venice, Siena, and Populonia on weekend trips to visit historical landmarks that make Italy the cultural center point of Europe.Upon the eight week completion of the program, I was fortunate enough to have the oprrotunity to backpack through Europe. I visited Spain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, England and Ireland. Each place offered me a better understanding of their individual culture and how theirs affects mine in the United States.

-Kimberly Murry