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Sean Curran Co.

Sean Curran Co.

Sean Curry CoThis summer I had the fortunate opportunity to be an apprentice with the Sean Curran Company.  Sean Curran was a guest artist from during the 2011-2012 academic year and was setting one of his repetory works on Ohio University School of Dance Students.  I was lucky enough to be apart of that piece as well.  During our many weeks of rehearsals with Sean, he asked a few of the students to come and be apprentices with his company as they create three new works in collaboration with The King's Singers, which will be premiering in at the University of Notre Dame in November of 2012.  In order for myself to attend the 5 weeks of rehearsal I wrote grants to obtain enough support for my travel and living expenses in NYC.  I was awarded the College of Fine Arts: Dean's Undergraduate Creative Research Award, as well as the Ohio University Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Fund, which funded my entire trip and research.  My project titled "Innovative Choreography Through Technique, Improvisation, and Somatic Studies", allowed for me to pay for somatic work classes (ie. yoga, pilates, and gyrokinesis), as well as dance improvisational classes.  I was also able to help with the Artistic Director of the Sean Curran Company, Elizabeth Coker Giron, in her body imaging lab at Columbia University where she collects data for her research on how imagery effects movement for dancers.  Sensors where placed on various boney landmarks around my body as inferred light and recording equipment collected all of my movement into a computer system. The data collected will help Elizabeth to further the knowledge and science of dance.  While in NYC I was able to get the feel for the city, as it may be my new home in less than a year. Needless to say, my experience in NYC was beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  Thanks to Ohio University School of Dance for the support, and the Sean Curran Company for their willingness to invite me into their creative processes.

-Steven Evans