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Support / Give

Donations to the School of Dance may be targeted to contribute to our scholarship funds for dance majors or for general support for the School. Your donations at any level are deeply appreciated.

Tax deductible donations to the Dance Student Scholarship Fund can be made payable to:

Ohio University Foundation
P.O. Box 869 Athens, OH 45701

Designate your donation to the School of Dance

Why give to the School of Dance?

School of Dance Values

We value the integration of creative processes, technical skill and intellectual capacities in studio, classroom and performance experiences designed to encourage individual achievement.Our curriculum is recognized nationally as one of a very few that emphasizes the creative processes in choreography at the undergraduate level.This emphasis encourages an understanding of problem solving as a creative process. We realize the benefits of our focus on choreography in a record of achievement that includes choreography that has been selected by professional adjudicators at American College Dance festivals (97% of dances adjudicated at ACDFA have been selected for Gala Performances since 1980).

Our curriculum is diverse and offers our students the opportunity to train in a variety of techniques that include Modern Technique as the base training, Ballet, African and Jazz. The same applies to our Dance History and General Education courses like:

The Language of Dance

Dance, Gender and Sexuality

Black Dance Forms

Dance Cultures of the World

Dance in Non-Western Expressive Cultures

The History of Postmodern Choreography and Practice

The Dance Experience

What our students are doing:

Graduates of the School of Dance distinguish themselves in the dance world as performers in outstanding national and regional companies, as innovative award-winning choreographers and producers, as teachers in educational and community organizations and universities, and as owners of their own businesses. Many of our graduates extend their interests and talents to include acting, music, video and film, movement therapy, exercise physiology, public relations, arts administration, historical research, library studies, and production management.

Scholarship Support provides much needed assistance for dance majors to advance their training as dancers, choreographers and teachers.Many of our dance majors are out of state residents and pay a non-resident surcharge.Minority students often face first generation college student challenges.Scholarship support helps with immediate and long-term financial concerns for future dance artists.Dance is a kinesthetic and visually based field, but the knowledge and skill base acquired is not limited to dance application alone.Many dance graduates extend their art into music, film and videography, theater, design.Others pursue physical therapy, medicine, law, anthropology, and education.

Support for Internship Awards – more students than ever before are interested in doing various types of internships related to the field of dance from performance internships with professional companies to arts administrative internships with major arts-based agencies. With the rise in the interest this could provide students with support for local or non-local intern activities.Madeline Schrock's success at the conclusion of her internship is an example of exceptional outcome this support could advance, as well as the recent internships completed by Earlyn Whitehead with Hubbard Street Dance Co. and Steven Evans and Kelsey Maiolo with the Sean Curran Dance Co.

Support for Visiting Artist/Faculty Fund would offer the School and its students opportunities to connect with practicing artists potentially leading to work opportunities and offer the ability to supplement foundational curriculum with cutting edge currency.With the largest proportion of our students coming from Ohio and from dance competition based studios, it is important for their educational exposure to include artists from other parts of the country.The dance program enlists visiting faculty and guest artists to provide assessments of student achievement and received a Provost's Assessment Award for this practice.This helps focus and refine classes in the major to better prepare students for the challenges of the field.

We value bringing in current artists in the field to do studio and lecture teaching, as well as performance and choreographic residencies.We utilize the College of Fine Arts supported Visiting Artist program to bring artists to campus who deliver classes for majors and non-majors alike.These artists participate in our assessment efforts giving additional feedback on the achievements of our students.The use of visiting artist feedback in assessment reports was cited as one reason we received a Provost's Assessment Award.  

Support for a Training & Rehabilitation Clinic for Dancers and Performing Artists

Jeffrey Russell is an Assistant Professor of Athletic Training at Ohio University, where he is incorporating dance medicine into the Athletic Training curriculum, along with initiating a dance science research lab and a performance medicine clinic.




These are three important words in the context of performing arts and the health of those who are artists. Dancers experience one of the highest rates of injury of any physical activity in terms of the percentage of participants affected. Yet, virtually every dancer tells at least one story—and most dancers have several—about their anxious search for specialized healthcare that, unfulfilled, resulted in disillusionment. Ohio University is embarking on a visionary quest to both answer this desperate need for care and equip future healthcare workers to administer it. Marked by an INNOVATIVE collaboration between the College of Health Sciences and Professions and the College of Fine Arts, the practical execution of the vision will occur predominantly in Room 304 of Putnam Hall, the new home of OHIO's Clinic for Science and Health in Artistic Performance.

Performing arts medicine is an EMERGING healthcare field. Modeled loosely after sports medicine, with customized modifications that meet the needs of artistic performers, it is experiencing a real challenge because the cries for its expertise outstrip the supply of COMPASSIONATE healthcare professionals qualified to deliver it. Ohio University's Clinic for Science and Health in Artistic Performance will accelerate the field's development by providing a clinical environment in which to both care for performers and train student healthcare workers for careers in caring for artists. That is, in addition to providing specialized care that is attentive to the needs of our university's performing artists, athletic training students will be mentored in the knowledge and skills necessary for success in delivering this care.

Meeting financial needs translates to improved health and positively impacted lives in the performing arts. The clinic's location in Putnam Hall is quite convenient and suitable. However, basic equipment, supplies, and staffing are required in order to satisfactorily accomplish its mission of helping reduce injuries in the university's performers and to manage injuries when they do occur. A Harlequin sprung floor and portable mirror for rehabilitative technique practice are already funded.