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Requirements & Standards

Admission Requirements:

Students wishing to become a dance major, minor or honors tutorial student in dance must audition for entrance into the program. You must also apply and meet the general university requirements in order to be accepted. 


Auditions consist of participation in a studio class to determine skill achievement in modern, ballet, jazz or African dance and an improvisation. As part of the application, an entrance essay allows the faculty to review writing skills and the level of aesthetic sophistication of the applicant. In keeping with our academic/intellectual development goals, standard test scores and grade point averages contribute to the overall profile of an applicant. Talent is the determining factor in admission to the Division, but predictions of success at Ohio University and in the dance major includes an assessment of the auditionees likely performance in academic courses as well as dance core classes.


Transfer Requirements:

Ohio University recognizes several kinds of transferable credits for students who have completed general education courses at other universities or regional campuses, as well as many courses in their major. Some of these courses have been pre-identified for transfer as described in the University System of Ohio’s Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs). Please see:


Transfer students wanting to become a dance major or minor must audition for entrance into the program. Dance courses taken at other universities that are not pre-identified by TAGs are evaluated by the Dance Chair to determine the internal transfer equivalency. The transfer evaluation can be based on a course by course analysis of a student’s academic transcript; a catalog comparison of course descriptions or syllabi; an interview with student; and/or an observation of skill assessment in classes. 

Once the internal transfer equivalency is completed by the chair, the information is sent to the College of Fine Arts for approval. If approved, the transfer credits are applied to the student’s records.

For more general information regarding transform requirements for Ohio University, please visit:

Probationary Status of the First Year in the Program:

The first year of the program is probationary. Faculty members closely monitor student development and growth, and identify students who are excelling in their work and those not progressing well. All students are observed carefully for their potential to perform well in future major level course work.

Monitoring progress and achievement occurs daily in technique classes in order to effectively support student growth. Faculty meetings prior to pre-registration are reserved for discussions of student performance in theoretical and studio course work.

At the conclusion of the fall term, each first semester major meets individually with the faculty as a whole in conference when observations regarding their work are discussed with them. In this way the student receives individualized feedback and learns more exactly what is expected of a dance major. Faculty submit written evaluations on every first-year student, which are kept in student files and summarized in annual progress notes.